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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Black Homeschool Mother and Former Public School Teacher Creates Literacy Content that Reflects African American Children and Encourages Early Reading

Books by Naomi H. Bradley

Books by author. homeschool mother, and former public school teacher, Naomi Bradley

Atlanta, GA — The late great Chicago educator, Marva Collins once said, “You can pay people to teach but you can’t pay them to care.” Naomi Bradley M.Ed has always cared deeply about children, since her first teaching assignment at a summer camp at the age of 14. Her natural love for children initially drove her into education, and now content creation for African American students and parents.

The decision to leave public school teaching was motivated by personal family choices, and a first hand view of the serious flaws of public, private, and charter education. Naomi began using her unique teaching techniques to teach her first-born daughter how to read at 22 months. Detailing her personal journey and reading instruction techniques, she wrote the highly acclaimed parenting book, appropriately named, “Reading At One – a guide to early literacy exposure for toddlers and children. Parents all over the world have been implementing the strategies and suggestions from the book Reading at One with their children at home and through the summer months.

Soon after Reading at One was released came the follow up text, The Big Book of Beginner Reading Stories. This Homeschool favorite was born out of a desperate need for black characters in instructional reading material. The self-esteem of a child is developed by the age of three, so it is imperative that students see themselves in their reading materials very early in life. Parents use the strategies from the book Reading at One and implement them with literacy instruction with The Big Book of Beginner Reading Stories testifying that both books were critical in helping their little ones read at an early age.

Naomi is also the author of the rhyming bedtime story, Goodnight Princess which has both an English and Spanish story in one! Her latest book Aaron Knows About Africa is an informational and encyclopedic text, which details historical facts about 7 African countries. All of her titles can be found on WeBuyBlack.com, Amazon, Kindle, and NaomiHBradley.com.

Naomi runs a non-profit tutoring academy in Atlanta, GA where she lives with her husband Walter, and four children Love, Charles, Faith, and Hope. You can follow her on Instagram (@naomihbradley) and Twitter (@naomihbradley).


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