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Friday, September 22, 2023

Black Entrepreneur/ Motivational Speaker Creates Song About Change with Her Son and Two Mentees

Natalie Fikes with her son and mentees

Nationwide — In honor of Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary, Natalie Fikes, a successful speaker and businesswoman shared with more than 3,000 graduates during her commencement speech in June, how music inspired her path to success. As she happily recited lyrics to the song “It Takes Two to Make A Thing Go Right” by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, she urged graduates and their guests to “get lost in the eight count” of their deepest passion, as a way to successfully navigate change.

Now, she’s taking her love for music and passion for millennials to another level with the release of a hip-hop inspired song called “Change With The Change,” now available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

The song has relatable lyrics, a powerful hook, and a nostalgic beat that keeps you locked in from beginning to end. But how the project came about is what is truly inspiring. Natalie comments, “I received a call from one of my mentees who said he was ready for a change. I sent him a ticket, and in ten days, we had a completed song.”

For many young adults, transitioning to adulthood is extremely challenging. But for Joshua Jones, after overcoming a rocky childhood, he lost both his parental guardians immediately following his high school graduation. Life became difficult to navigate. He started losing hope. Joshua said, “Things changed so quickly for me that I never got to focus on what I wanted because it was always about survival. I finally see what completing something looks like. Now I know that I am capable of doing anything I want to do if I just stick to what I’m doing from start to finish, no matter what.”

Having experienced an unstable childhood herself, Natalie is no stranger to change and how change affects people as they transition from one life event to another. “I’ve been mentoring Joshua since he was in the tenth grade. The tone in his voice when he called was different this time. I’ve been there, and someone took me in. But I knew that he needed more than a place to stay. He needed a win.”

With a cracked iPhone 7 and earbuds, Natalie and Joshua began to lay the track for “Change with the Change.” Joshua said, “We’re always playing around in the house making raps and beats to the silliest things, but when Nat said, ‘You have to change with the change for things to change,’ it stuck with me. I made the beat, she came with the lyrics, and the rest is history.”

Featured on the track is her son, 17-year-old Elijah Fikes, and one of her mentees, 24-year-old Kendra Whitehurst. Kendra, a recent graduate student and former Director of Sports Performance for Women’s Basketball at East Tennessee State University said, “Being a part of this project was all about teamwork, and how necessary it is to have a vision that goes beyond what you are capable of accomplishing on your own to embrace opportunity and inspire change.”

Elijah adds, “Seeing how easy it is for something as meaningful as this song to come together when everyone does their part, makes me want to do better at executing my part in all areas of my life.”

Natalie Fikes is the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough to Millions LLC, and the founder of the Greater Purpose Society (GPS), a personal development firm that curates products and services that create opportunities for a better life. She is dedicated to providing resources that help millennials successfully navigate change to create the life they want. On Oct 10, 2023, World Mental Health Day, visit ChangeWithTheChange.com for free access to coaching products and services.

For press inquiries or media interview requests, contact 404-491-1980 or info@breakthroughtomillions.com