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Monday, September 4, 2023

New Documentary About the Untold Story of Black Librarians Set to Inspire and Illuminate in 2025

Black librarians

Nationwide — Amidst the rising challenges of book banning and censorship, a documentary is set to shed light on the contributions of Black Librarians who stand on the front lines, ensuring equitable access to knowledge for all. Titled Are You a Librarian: The Untold Story of Black Librarians, this eagerly anticipated documentary is scheduled for release at the top of 2025. The production promises to captivate audiences with a narrative that unveils the often-overlooked role of Black librarians in shaping our collective understanding of the world.

The project’s mastermind, Rodney E. Freeman Jr., shared, “Our aim is not only to commemorate our journey but to illuminate the global stage with our presence and exceptional contributions as Black librarians.”

From historical accounts of resilience to modern-day triumphs, the film will weave personal stories with archival footage, interviews, and compelling visuals. The producers anticipate a late 2024 to early 2025 release date, ensuring that the documentary resonates deeply with audiences and contributes to a broader understanding of the librarians’ profound impact on society.

As a precursor to the documentary’s release, a sizzle reel will be unveiled at the ASALH Conference 2023 in September, hosted by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. The event will take place at Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront 225 East Coastline Drive, Jacksonville, Florida. This sneak peek is expected to generate further anticipation within the librarian community and the general public.

Are You a Librarian: The Untold Story of Black Librarians aims to be a powerful and thought- provoking cinematic experience that will inspire viewers to acknowledge the unsung heroes who have devoted their lives to ensuring access to information for all.

For media inquiries, interviews, and additional information about the documentary, please contact Rodney E. Freeman Jr. at rodneyfreeman@reminiscepreservation.com or 615-397-1316.