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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Black Pain Relief Specialist Celebrates 40 Years in Business, Launches 2nd Edition of Reflexology Book

Njideka Olatunde, author of Reflexology Today

Nationwide — Njideka Olatunde, a renowned pain relief educator and specialist based in Washington, DC with 40 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, is celebrating a major milestone in her career. She has provided chronic pain relief to clients with her expertise in Reflexology that has earned her recognition across the globe. In addition, she has recently launched the second edition of her book, Reflexology Today: A Family Affair.

Njideka, has dedicated her life to helping people overcome chronic pain using natural methods such as Reflexology Therapy. She has provided treatments to her clients for back pain, headaches, digestive issues, and many other conditions. Her gentle, non-invasive approach has won the hearts of many, and her reputation for being one of the best in the business has spread far and wide.

Throughout her career, Njideka has made significant contributions to the healthcare industry. Her work has been published in health books and journals, and she has spoken at various conferences across the world. She has also been invited to speak on numerous TV, radio and podcast programs sharing her expertise in Reflexology.

To celebrate her 40 years of service, Njideka has launched the second edition of her book, Reflexology Today: A Family Affair. This book is an updated version of her first edition, and it provides a comprehensive guide to Reflexology Therapy, outlining its benefits, and teaching readers how to apply it to their daily lives. The second edition includes new chapters on Reflexology for children, the elderly and pain care givers.

In her own words, Njideka said, “It has been an honor to serve my clients for the past 40 years. Reflexology is my passion, and it is gratifying to see how it has helped my clients improve their quality of life and my students, who are now my colleagues, share Reflexology with many. I am excited to launch the second edition of Reflexology Today A Family Affair and hope that it will continue to educate and inspire people to live a healthier life by taking back control of their life from pain using the healing power of touch.”

Reflexology Today: A Family Affair (ISBN:13:979-8362447007) is available on Amazon.

For press inquiries, contact nno@focusonhealing.com or 301-779-8005