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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Highly-Anticipated Documentary Explores Women, Trauma and Success

— “No More Chains: Succeeding Against The Odds” documentary set for red carpet premiere and national screening tour to help women thrive post-trauma —

No More Chains Documentary

Fredericksburg, VANo More Chains: Succeeding Against The Odds documentary lifts the veil on the secret struggles of women, from societal pressures to perform under duress to the hidden pain millions of women carry from traumatic life events.

Set for a red carpet premiere on February 18, 2017 at 7:15P.M. in Fredericksburg, VA (Paragon Village 12, 51 Towne Center Blvd.), No More Chains profiles eleven women who pushed through extreme pain along the way to becoming some of the most successful women in a diverse cross-section of industries.

The film features an impressive cast of thought-leaders including Paul C. Brunson, Patrice C. Washington, Abiola Abrams, and influential women-in-business.


Fortune Magazine reports that women make up the fastest growing segment of new business owners. While good news on an economic front, a parallel truth about women also exists.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA); Approximately one half (50%) of all individuals will be exposed to at least one traumatic event in their lifetime and approximately 8% of survivors will develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The APA also reveals that women are twice as likely to develop PTSD and experience a longer duration of symptoms including: nightmares, insomnia, difficulty with intimate relationships, fear, anxiety, anger, shame, aggression, suicidal behaviors, loss of trust, and isolation. Many women often wait years to receive help, while others never receive treatment.

It is highly likely that the most successful women among us are either battling with crippling internal pain or working through trauma.


Authentic Living Lifestyle Coach, Ari Squires, recognized the irony in both her clients and her own story. In response, Squires created the No More Chains movement including the release of her powerful No More Chains documentary (February 18, 2017).


Watch the Trailer on YouTube:

Upcoming Screenings:
PREMIERE: Feb 18th, 2017
Paragon Village 12
51 Towne Center Blvd
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
7:15 P.M.



* Interview with Producer/Director Ari Squires
* Individual cast interviews
* On-site opps with Actor, Choreographer, Author Darrin Henson
* On-site opps with Mentor, Entrepreneur, & Television Host Paul Carrick Brunson
* Photos of cast, producers on the red carpet
* Photos of red carpet atmosphere


NOTE: Nationwide screenings to be held in: Sacramento, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Richmond. Please contact Zakiya Larry, info@ZakiyaLarry.com, for details in your city of interest.


About “No More Chains The Documentary”:
Due out on February 18, 2017, No More Chains The Documentary, profiles eleven powerhouse women as they peel back layers of pain, fear, and shame from addictions, loss, homelessness, parental abandonment, abusive relationships and an HIV diagnosis. These powerful “awakening” stories of tragedy turned triumph are shared with the goal of inspiring then empowering audiences to release their own chains.

A compilation of first-person narratives, childhood reenactments and expert interviews, the documentary is an extension of the book anthology by the same name with the foreword by Darrin Dewitt Henson and afterword by Abiola Abrams.

The film features an impressive cast of thought-leaders including Paul C. Brunson, Patrice C. Washington, Abiola Abrams, and influential women-in-business. It is directed by James Waiter Rapelyea and produced by Ari Squires and distributed by SheEO Publishing. For more information, visit www.NoMoreChainsFilm.com.


About Ari Squires
Ari Squires is a success coach who helps people release the chains from the prison of their minds, move towards their dreams and profit abundantly in life and business. After rebounding from tough personal experiences with incarceration and homelessness, Ari’s mantra is, “All I See Is Possibility”. She is an author, business trainer and is currently awaiting the release of her film project, No More Chains, slated for premiere on February 18, 2017. To learn more about Ari, visit www.arisquires.com.


Zakiya Larry