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Monday, July 24, 2023

Former Miss Black USA Winner Launches Program to Help Aspiring Pageant Coaches Get Certified

Ocielia Gibson-Sprowl, former Miss Black USA

Nationwide — Ocielia Gibson-Sprowl, the winner of the 2012 Miss Black USA pageant, has partnered with the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals (NAUEP) to launch a Pageant Coach Certification program for women entrepreneurs seeking to start or expand their consulting business. With almost 300,000 contestants participating annually in local and international pageants, the $5 billion-a-year industry has over 3,000 pageant coaches, but less than 100 of them are Black and brown.

“The role of the pageant coach is integral to helping pageant hopefuls win a crown and all that goes with it,” explains Gibson-Sprowl. “With most coaches earning a minimum of $50 per hour, pageantry will not only allow coaches to empower young women, but it will also help them start, maintain, or expand an in-demand coaching business,” she continued.

“As a former Miss Black USA and pageant coach who is credited with 26 national placements, Ocielia is uniquely positioned to teach aspiring pageant coaches to launch a successful business that can help expand their brand and increase their income-earning potential. With an industry that increases its market share each year, it’s our honor to provide a certification for individuals with diverse backgrounds that will grant them increased access to sustainable income,” explained the NAUEP founder, Trenette Wilson, and award-winning author of Royal, Black, and Elite.

The Pageant Certification includes a combination of virtual learning, on-demand workshops, and a 2-day seminar on Friday and Saturday, August 11-12, 2023, featuring Ocielia along with other beauty pageant coaches and winners. Certification workshops include How to Launch Your Pageant Coaching Business, Selecting Pageant Platforms, Financing Beauty Pageants, and much more.

About the Founder
Ocielia Gibson-Sprowl is more than just the winner of the 2012 Miss Black USA pageant. She is also the founder of Slay Your Pageant, which helps contestants unlock their standout brand and confidence to captivate the judges and win the crown. Her partnership with the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals (NAUEP), the nation’s leading etiquette association that provides workshops in underserved communities, is truly one-of-a-kind.

For more information about the NAUEP Pageant Coach Certification or to learn more about the urban etiquette initiative, visit the official website at NAUEP.com/pageantcoach

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