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Monday, June 6, 2022

One Million Moms Partner With Black-Owned Bodycam App to Protect Their Kids From Police Misconduct

Black moms

NationwideANJEL Tech, a Black-owned cloud-based application that turns any smartphone into your own personal body cam, has announced a historic partnership with 1 Million Madly Motivated Moms (1M4). This organization, led by African American moms and aunties, was created to address police brutality through legal action and legislative policy education.

The partnership strengthens moms’ well-being and peace by providing a digital lifeline and connection to their family members, through ANJEL tech’s technology. This partnership also leverages 1M4’s expertise to work on these issues from a policy standpoint.

The number of fatalities at the hands of police has steadily increased throughout the past decade, which translates to an average of 3 people a day. ANJEL Tech was created by a fighter pilot turned tech innovator, James A. Samuel Jr., who was devastated by the countless incidents that could have been brought to justice with his technology. The discrete application allows the user’s loved ones to live stream the incident and get real-time location updates while keeping the video secure and accessible for future use.

“The value of this technology to the preservation of our members’ lives and peace of mind is priceless,” said Tansy McNulty, 1M4 Founder & CEO. “We are all mothers who often think about and worry about the safety of our children and family members. I can foresee our members sharing within our 1M4 virtual community how they are using ANJEL Tech, what/how a recording should be used to potentially seek legal recourse, how we no longer have to fear body/dashcam footage being edited by officers [because of ANJEL Tech], and how we have more peace in our children leaving our homes.”

Through the partnership, registered members of 1M4 receive a 4-Person Family Plan subscription to ANJEL Tech as a benefit of their membership. This enables each registered member of 1M4 to protect a total of 4 members of their family with ANJEL Tech’s lifesaving bodycam technology.

“ANJEL Tech benefits from this partnership in many ways! First and foremost, it expands our user base, which enables us to save more lives,” says ANJEL Tech Founder & CEO, James A. Samuel, Jr. “Other benefits of the partnership pale in comparison to this first and most important one. This is what we’re all about!”

About the App:
ANJEL Tech is a technological revolution to ensure dignity, fairness, and safety. ANJEL Tech turns any smartphone into your own personal body cam. It’s secure, mobile, cloud-based, and was made by people of color who are passionate about preventing others like them from becoming another painful statistic. Learn more about ANJEL Tech by downloading the app from the app store or visiting https://anjel.live/

About the Moms:
1 Million Madly Motivated Moms is a member-led organization working to eliminate police violence by the year 2038 through legal action, legislative policy education, and increasing representation in the justice system by supporting the talent pipeline of diverse attorneys, judges, policymakers, and other justice professions. Learn more about 1M4 by visiting https://www.1m4.org/links

For press inquiries about ANJEL Tech, contact xina@xinapr.com or 703-785-4358.

For press inquiries about 1 Million Madly Motivated Moms, contact info@1m4.org

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