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Monday, February 19, 2018

New Documentary Outlines the Assault and Incarceration of an Innocent Black Man at the Hands of the NYPD and U.S. Marshals

— Oswald Lewis of Queens, NY was arrested in 2014 and is currently still incarcerated, but has never been charged with an actual crime. —

Oswald Lewis

Oswald Lewis

New York, NY — The documentary Injustice: The Oswald Lewis Story is now available to view at www.oswaldlewis.com. The documentary outlines the harrowing story of Mr. Lewis’ wrongful arrest, assault and incarceration at the hands of US Marshals and the NYPD.

To this day, Lewis was never charged with a crime for the 24-year old arrest warrant, nor has he even been arraigned on charges stemming from the warrant because as Mr. Lewis has stated, the warrant is invalid and should never have been executed.

Oswald currently sits incarcerated at Fort Dix Joint base MDL. He says that his incarceration has been financially devastating to his immediate family.

Oswald’s assault and incarceration stand as a typical example of corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement in the US, particularly targeting people of color.

The Marshal’s conduct that evening was unlawful, the evidence fabricated, his arrest and injury illegal and his continued incarceration a gross miscarriage of justice.

View the full documentary at www.oswaldlewis.com and follow Oswald on social media at:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/justiceforoswaldlewis

Twitter – www.twitter.com/justiceforlewis

Instagram – www.instagram.com/justice4oswaldlewis


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