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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Black Doctor From Fort Worth Texas Opens Telemedicine and Walk-In Clinic to Address Healthcare Disparities

Dr. Patricia Harris, founder of Extra Care Concerns

Nationwide — Dr. Patricia Harris, a Primary Care Physician and the founder and CEO of ExtraCare Concerns, a Black-owned healthcare facility in Fort Worth, Texas, is helping local residents to achieve wellness and ideal health throughout Tarrant county and beyond. As the Coronavirus pandemic subsides, she has turned her attention to getting people back into the routine of regularly visiting a primary care physician at least once a year. Dr. Harris is growing her practice by partnering with Fort Worth ISD schools and collaborating with local healthcare providers and Tarrant County residents to provide a host of services to address health disparities.

It is widely known that minority communities are at an increased risk for conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. The list of health conditions that disproportionately affect black communities is largely due to the existing disparities in healthcare. One of the first steps in making improvements is getting more African American households assigned to a Black primary care physician in their local community. We know that prevention and education is a key to better health outcomes.

Dr. Harris provides a long list of health services from prescribing antibiotics for common illnesses, COVID testing, wellness exam, or sports physicals, and can even diagnose mental health disorders and prescribe medication. Her walk-in clinic is ready to serve the community with little wait times to be seen by a Black physician.

• Provide telemedicine appointments so that her patients can receive access to care without leaving the comfort of their homes.
• Walk-In appointments are welcome and are given priority access to the doctor as an alternative to visiting ER facilities
• Improving healthcare outcomes by becoming the assigned primary care doctor to encourage regular health examinations and annual wellness visits.

Dr. Harris comments, “Many people in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex don’t have an assigned primary care physician. Instead, they visit an urgent care facility or a hospital when they have a health crisis. It’s a great time to reset and focus on taking care of your physical emotional and mental health. Self-care starts with finding a primary care physician who’s dedicated to looking after you. I’m here to ensure that our community lives happier, healthier lives.”

For more details and/or to book an appointment, call (817) 534-7300 or visit the official website at ExtraCareMD.com.

Dr. Harris started her practice in the heart of the city and has practiced medicine for over 18 years. She is a black primary care physician in Fort Worth, Texas and has graduated from UNT Medical Health Science Center as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth, TX. She received her undergraduate degree from Texas Southern University and is an active member of AKA sorority.

For press inquiries, contact (817) 534-7300 or contact@extracaremd.com