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Monday, December 3, 2018

People Are Really Upset That Dwayne Wade Kisses His Daughter on the Lips

Dwyane Wade kiss daughter Kaavia's lips

Dwyane Wade kisses his daughter Kaavia’s lips

Nationwide — Gabrielle Union, 46, recently shared a photo of her husband Dwyane Wade, 36, and their newborn daughter Kaavia on her Instagram account. While it’s intended to be a sweet photo of a father kissing his daughter on the lips, many people thought it was “harmful” and bashed them on social media.

The couple welcomed their baby girl, Kaavia James Union Wade, through a surrogate. Since then, they have been posting multiple pictures of Kaavia on social media.

One recent photo Gabrielle posted on Instagram is when Dwyane planted a kiss on her daughter’s lips. Dwayne has had his eyes closed while Kaviaa’s are wide open, seemingly staring straight at her father who was wearing a baseball cap, glasses, red sweater, and a burp cloth hanging on his shoulder.

“My #MCM & My #ShadyBaby,” Gabrielle captioned the pic. “Kaav is like ‘trust ain’t my strong suit.. close your eyes if you want to.”

As cute as they wanted the photo to be, a lot of people are not happy about it and wrote negative comments on the post.

“Cute, but he really shouldn’t be kissing her on the mouth,” one commented.

“I know it’s your baby but don’t kiss the baby on the mouth. You’ve had kids before you should know better,” another wrote.

“Don’t kiss newborns on the mouth! That’s how you spread diseases and their little immune systems can’t fight off that bacteria,” one said.

“Take your lips off of that child kids are so sensitive nowadays. The cheek and forehead is good,” another suggested.

Regardless, many are still commenting on how beautiful the baby is and how happy they are for Dwayne and Gabrielle to finally have a baby.