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Friday, January 8, 2021

New Product Alleviates Pain That Black Women Suffer From Tight Braids

Black woman with tight braids

Fayette, AL — Braided hairstyles are an integral part of Black culture. They are worn for convenience, as a fashion statement, and also adorned as a bold statement of pride. Braids require proper maintenance to help the style last longer and look its best while keeping natural hair healthy and protected. Tight braids, however, can leave the scalp feeling painfully sore. For this reason, Rose Bianco, a formulator at Topical Solutions, has developed a scalp formula with no tar, petroleum, sulfur, or harsher ingredients – a formula that offers immediate relief from burning pain and itching, even when hair is freshly braided.

The company fully understands the itchiness and discomfort that comes with styling Black hair. They invested in developing Too Tight Scalp Saver to provide a solution that soothes scalp pain caused by braids and weave styles. Made from a combination of natural emollients, essential oils, and a mild anesthetic, this formula relieves the physical pain experienced when cornrows pinch and weave tracks pull, bind, and constrict.

Braids and weaves can serve as protective styles that foster hair growth. But ultimately, it is best to choose hairstyles and stylists carefully. Hair breakage can occur when braids are extremely tight and permanent hair loss can result from tight braids worn over an extended time. Tension around the edges, causing redness and inflammation, is a sure sign to look for another stylist. Once that problem is solved, try to revive and restore damaged edges and revitalize hair follicles, using Topical Solutions Scalp Rx.

Too Tight Scalp Saver and Scalp Rx are now offered in combination at a special low price. For more details and/or to make a purchase, visit TopicalOne.com

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