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Monday, May 8, 2023

PulteGroup’s Jim Zeumer Responds to Black Employees’ Lawsuit and “Noose Meeting”

Black employees for PulteGroup

Nationwide — Ryan Marshall, the CEO of PulteGroup is facing a damaging lawsuit after three former Black employees alleged unchecked racist behavior in the organization.

Richard Turnbow, Roderick Hunter, and Idus Hartsfield all say they witnessed PulteGroup manager Patrick Witzigman make racist remarks while holding up a “lynching noose.”

“Our company leadership is committed to ensuring an environment of inclusion where all people are respected and valued. What is depicted in the images is despicable and has no place in our company nor in our society. The allegations are not consistent with our values and corporate culture,” said Jim Zeumer, PulteGroup Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications.

Witzigman is close friends with Brandon Jones, CEO Marshall’s handpicked choice for PulteGroup COO. Astonishingly, Witzigman was reportedly not reprimanded by Marshall’s management for his discriminatory behavior.

Instead, the Black employees that reported Witzingman’s behavior to management say that they were retaliated against.

“We have photographic evidence that’s never been made public. Ryan Marshall’s managers actually used a noose at a meeting with Black employees in an effort to create an unworkable environment. When they complained, they were written up and subsequently fired,” alleged lead counsel Mark Zausmer, “I’ve never seen anything so clear and egregious.”

The lawsuit against Marshall and PulteGroup on behalf of the terminated black employees was filed in Michigan earlier this week.