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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Mompreneur and Her 7-Year Old Son Launch Black Heroes Coloring Book Series

Quinn Cummings and her son, Aidyn

Nationwide — Quinn Cummings and her 7-year old son, Aidyn, have together launched a new Black hero coloring book series via their publishing company Aidyn’s Books LLC.

At a time where families have had the opportunity to be together more in the last two years, routines and structure have saved many households from chaos. There’s nothing quite like a great storytime that presents a perfect moment to connect with your child. With such a broad selection of different plots and categories to choose from, the initial reaction is to pick a book that looks enjoyable. Books are the entryway into introducing your child to the world. Although they can certainly be used as a relaxing bedtime regimen, children’s books can present a profound message that can stick with your child forever.

When Quinn and her son Aidyn began the beautiful tradition of reading together, she began to notice a pattern with the type of books she read her son. As a mother, her priority was not only to make reading enjoyable but make a difference for her son in how he absorbed information and received a vital message. Being able to read a book through her son’s eyes sparked a drive to create tools and resources for her son in order to offer him a reading experience that will elevate him to his fullest reading potential.

Aidyn’s Books LLC has expanded and now has a new product out that will engage children further into their reading journeys. The Black Heroes Coloring Book is an educational resource that functions as a multi-layered tool that connects children to Black heroes in a way that empowers and encourages them to seek their own power of who they are. By depicting these figures when they were young, it makes it easy for children to resonate with them and want to know more. This activity coloring book spans through the alphabet and highlights history in an informative and fun way. This type of engagement makes it fun for both parents and children to learn and connect with their kids through literature.

In hopes to jumpstart a journey for incredible read-alouds, the Black Heroes Coloring Book also comes with over 100 recommended books as well as a parent guide in the hope to ask the right questions to engage and amplify your child’s cognitive reading abilities. As reading evolves into different areas of literature, every parent wants their child to be prepared and not only excel but enjoy learning. With the tools and resources at Aidyn’s Books LLC, they’ve established a system that implements reading as the norm for families.

By making intentional reading accessible to families, they hope to curate a movement that will present a better educational foundation for young readers. Aidyn’s Books LLC has so far partnered with organizations such as Usborne Books & More to assist families with ways to grow their library accordingly without needing to spend money to do so. For parents who would like even more guidance, Quinn has a Podcast where she provides the community with different resources and virtual read-alouds three times a week. Their ultimate goal is to ensure all families have the necessary tools to read together and grow their love for reading.

For more information about Aidyn’s Books, visit their website at AidynsBooks.com and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to contact Aidyn’s Books LLC, please email hi@aidynsbooks.com