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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Racist ‘Star Wars’ Fans Upset About Leading Black Character — 5 Reasons Why That’s Silly!

Star Wars VII Featuring Black Lead Character

Promotional poster for upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII film

Nationwide — If you haven’t heard by now, there are some racist “Star Wars” fans that are trying to organize an online boycott of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII film due in theaters this coming December. They are apparently upset about the fact that one of the lead characters, Finn, is played by 23-year old actor John Boyega, who is African American.

It may not be that many of these racist fans, but its enough of them where it is being noticed by national media and it is definitely buzzing on all the social media hotspots.

But here are five reasons why it really doesn’t make any since:

#1 – George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars franchise, is married to Melanie Hobson – a Black woman.

George Lucas and Wife

#2 – In the 1970’s, when the Star Wars films were first released, the character of Darth Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones, an African American actor.

James Earl Jones as Darthvader

#3 – Actor Billy Dee Williams starred in at least two of the Star Wars films, and was credited for attracting a larger amount of African American fans to the franchise (especially women).

Billy Dee Williams in Star Wars

#4 – Master Yoda, himself, once told Luke Skywalker in one of the films: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

#5 – Although actor John Boyega is a leading character in the film, he’s still one of very few African Americans in the film. But others do include actors Dante Briggins and Phoenix James, who both play storm troopers. And also, actress Crystal Clark, whose character is currently unknown. (So, if you’re more interested in seeing the white characters in the film, you won’t be disappointed!)

John Boyega as Finn in Star Wars VII


So if you have a problem with Black people being a part of the Star Wars franchise, you should have never become a fan in the first place because they’ve been there all along!

For more details about the film, visit www.starwars.com/films/star-wars-episode-vii-the-force-awakens