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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Raye Mitchell, Esq. Honored at the Annual Book Publicists of Southern California Annual Awards

Health and wellness advocate’s work, “The Sculpting Life Above Average” series, wins Best Empowerment Book Series

Dr. Raye Mitchell

Dr. Raye Mitchell

Los Angeles, CA — Author Raye Mitchell, Esq. receives the prestigious Irwin Award at the Annual Book Publicists of Southern California (BPSC) Awards. The Sculpting Life Above Average series is named Best Empowerment Book Series. The award will be received October 11, 2018 at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City, CA.

The Sculpting Life Above Average series wins Best Empowerment Book Series for its focus on helping women build their credibility and influence and to tell their story, live their truth, be believed, and guard their health and well-being in the process. The series also works to help Black women and girls rise up, reclaim their power and improve their overall wellness.

Raye Mitchell says, “I am honored to receive this award that recognizes the importance of supporting and helping women and girls elevate their lives, be influencers and change outcomes.”

The Sculpting Life Above Average series is a reflection of Mitchell’s dream to help women merge leadership and health and wellness tools to live a life above average and stand out for their unique contributions regardless of age, size, race, gender, class or educational accomplishments.

Current books by Mitchell include:

* Invisible No More. Empowering Young Black Women and Girls to Rise Up as Leaders

* When They Go Low, We Go High: How Women of Color Master the Art of Persuasion to Win Big Battles

* How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength

Raye believes, “The award is timely because we continue to witness the power of brave women coming forward to tell their stories and deliver credible narratives about their life experiences. Credibility is power. Credibility is also the currency that buys a seat at the leadership table and an audience to hear your story and to be believed. When women are believed, we can move mountains, change outcomes, and upend the status quo.”

She continues, “My work is inspired by the need to help women in general, Black women and girls in particular, find personal peace and still be effective in this hyper-conflict driven environment. It is really about wellness and moving forward despite setbacks, setups or disappointments. Whether looking to be stronger leaders, dealmakers, negotiators, or resolve conflict dealing with a #MeToo crisis, being a sexual assault survivor, or just being the target of being marginalized because of size, skin color, or intellect, women are using their credibility power to tell their stories, be heard, and define a new movement of change.”


About Raye Mitchell
A native of Los Angeles, California, Raye Mitchell is a Harvard Law School graduate and semi-retired litigation attorney who participates in the #MeToo Times Up Legal Defense Fund. She is an author, humanitarian, model, and sought-after motivational speaker on conflict resolution, wellness, positive body images, and women in leadership. Having lost over 65 pounds, Raye is an above average sized woman, i.e., plus size, who turned to bodybuilding as a tool for pain management of autoimmune diseases that could inflict debilitating pain, joint damage, and loss of sight without warning. Follow her wellness journey and blog at www.RayesJourney.com. She is available for speaking, workshops and retreats, inquire at www.DrRayeMitchell.com.


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