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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Introducing a New Black-Owned Hair and Beauty Supply Store in Columbus, Ohio

Dasha Tate and Deanna Jones, founders of Regal Beauty in Columbus, Ohio

Dasha Tate and Deanna Jones, founders of Regal Beauty in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, OHRegal Beauty is Central Ohio’s newest Black-owned hair and beauty supply store. Formally located at 973 E Main Street in Columbus, the store opened in February 2019 by sisters Dasha Tate and Deanna Jones who left their jobs to start the business. In May 2020, due to COVID-19, the sisters had to make a hard decision to close their storefront on East Main Street.

The goal from the beginning was to go back to the neighborhood they once lived in to fight gentrification, and provide access to hair & beauty supplies. They decided to transition to an online hair & beauty supply store shipping worldwide and offering delivery to Columbus, Ohio residents.

They pride themselves on providing a platform for items that varied from the normal options. Regal Beauty not only provides vegan and organic options for hair and body but provides a place for local and Black-owned companies to thrive! Most of their natural hair & skincare product offering is black-owned.

Products offered include braid hair, wigs, crochet as well as Arcani Coil Care, Mielle, and Alikay Naturals. Let them know what you need and they will work on providing it. The whole purpose of Regal Beauty is to serve the people and showcase the regality of natural hair.

For more details and/or to make a purchase, visit www.regalbeautyco.com


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