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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Inspirational Gospel and Soul Recording Artist Aspires to Awaken a Sense of Hope in New Book “In A Perfect World”

Perfect World book by Reggie Boone

Nationwide — Gospel Choice and Black Music Awards recording artist Reggie Boone’s raw memoir In a Perfect World: The Reggie Boone Story reveals a powerful true story of resilience. Boone shares eye- opening details about his journey of overcoming homelessness, addiction, divorce, single parenthood and even cancer to becoming an inspirational artist. He believes that the primary reason for his victory is God’s blessings.

Boone who was recently nominated for a Radio and Records award is set to release his book on February 14th. In a Perfect World shares practical guidance on how to stay motivated, overcome adversity and tap into the blessings that God has in store for readers. This isn’t done like a typical self-help book but is delivered through the vehicle of his praise-inciting story.

Within its pages, he lays bare a journey that weathered depression, anxiety, rejection, drugs, cancer, homelessness, and single parenthood. Against countless struggles, Reggie found solace in his soulful music. This inspirational autobiography showcases the determination that powered his rise from even his darkest of days. As a moving companion to his book, he released “What’s Wrong”—a soulful track penned by Reggie and arranged by legendary musician Felton Pilate. ‘What’s Wrong’ promises to tantalize listeners who have an unsatisfied appetite for modern music with a pinch of old school R&B flavor. Together, the book and music invite everyone deep into Reggie’s poignant tale. They showcase one man’s triumph in overcoming life’s every obstacle through the healing balm of creative expression.

Reggie’s story touched the lives of many who have crossed his path and inspired him to write his book. Notable figures like Steve Harvey who hosted at the Apollo when Reggie was booed off stage, but Harvey saw his talent and hired him to perform at his club with Erika Badu. Also, Michael Baisden who said, ‘I want to support artist like Reggie Boone, who like the greats, Marvin Gaye, Gill Scott-Heron and Curtis Mayfield create music with a message.’

2024 is a big year for Reggie Boone, his fans, and lovers of good music as the he embarks on a musical tour. In addition to his tour, he will be starring in and portraying the artist that he has most been inspired by and compared to, Marvin Gaye in the stage play “What’s Going On The Season of Marvin Gaye.” Boone popular in both the US and the UK will be touring internationally.

Through his upcoming book and new single, Reggie hopes to awaken a sense of hope in readers and listeners. The narrative is destined to make readers laugh, cry, cheer, and, most importantly, motivate them to overcome their obstacles and embrace their blessings.

In a Perfect World will be available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Nook, and all other book outlets. “What’s Wrong” is now available on Pandora, Apple Music, CD Baby, Google Play, Amazon and Soundcloud. Reggie’s book and CD release party will be held in Atlanta at the New Black Wall Steet on Feb. 14th at 12pm to 3pm at the Pink Lion Jazz Club.

For more info, contact Marlon Hunter at (770) 465 4036, email marlon@marlonhunter.com. For tour dates and book signings visit ReggieBoone.com or find him on socials as @RealReggieBoone.

Reggie Boone, born in Kingston, NC, and shaped by a military upbringing, has emerged as a musical force with a dynamic sound that transcends genres. His smooth, soulful, and incomparable voice has captivated audiences worldwide. Reggie’s journey, chronicled in In A Perfect World, promises readers and listeners an unforgettable experience of resilience, triumph, and the transformative power of music.