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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Author’s 24th Book Reveals Plan on Why and How Black People Should Unite

Time For Revenge by Richard Jeanty

Nationwide — RJ Publications is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of A Time For Revenge 2: The Black Revolution by national bestselling author Richard Jeanty. Renowned for his compelling narratives, Jeanty, a prolific national bestselling author with over a dozen titles, including the highly acclaimed debut novel “Neglected Souls,” captivates readers once again with this powerful sequel.

As Black History Month is being commemorated, Jeanty’s latest work serves as a poignant reminder that Black History is an integral part of American history, resonating far beyond a designated month. A Time For Revenge 2: The Black Revolution delves into the continued journey of Kane and Candace as they navigate parenthood, confront tested love, display tenacity, and champion the fight for justice. The narrative skillfully portrays the trials and tribulations, teaching moments, and the imperative need for family unity to safeguard their twin boys, Toussaint Nkrumah Lumumba Black and Dessalines Malcolm Xavier Black.

Jeanty’s storytelling compellingly conveys the historical pain experienced by the black community, juxtaposed with their strength, resilience, and inherent power. The novel intricately explores the collective history of a people who have endured illegal kidnappings, maiming, rape, lynching, enslavement, and forced sale in an unjust environment. A Time For Revenge 2: The Black Revolution evokes a range of emotions, prompting readers to sympathize and empathize with the characters, while fervently rooting for their pursuit of justice against an unwavering nemesis.

The narrative sheds a poignant light on the daily struggles faced by the black community, exposing the injustices prevalent in a well-structured systemic racist society that seeks to perpetuate their marginalization. Jeanty challenges prevailing narratives about black unity, self-determination, and the fervent zeal within the black community to collectively fight for justice.

In emphasizing the significance of Black history, the author underscores its role as an intrinsic fiber within American society and globally. Jeanty asserts that the unity of black individuals is essential for their survival into the next century.

Currently available exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle and RJPublications.com, A Time For Revenge 2: The Black Revolution is set for an official nationwide release. On this date, the book will be accessible in bookstores nationwide and on Amazon. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with this thought-provoking narrative that transcends boundaries and resonates with readers profoundly.

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