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Friday, December 28, 2018

Kansas Man Kicked a 1-Year Old Black Child While Shouting Racial Slurs in Store

Riff Trace

Riff Trace

Wichita, KS — Riff Trace, a 31-year old white man from Kansas, was arrested after reportedly kicking a 1-year old Black child at a Dillons store in East Wichita. During the incident, described as a “racially motivated bias crime,” Trace was also heard yelling obscenities and racial slurs.

The police responded to an assault call early Sunday morning at the Dillons store. According to the investigation, Trace entered the store and kicked a 1-year-old child to the floor while shouting obscenities and racial slurs.

Lashantai Whitaker, the mother of the victim, was shocked when it happened.

“We were barely in the store and [Trace] kicked him in his back,” Whitaker told KWCH. “All I heard was a loud thud and my daughter screaming.”

When Trace tried to get away from the store, another customer tackled him and held him on the ground. That’s when the police arrived and arrested him for “battery that was bias and racially motivated and resisting arrest.”

Whitaker said her child was not seriously injured, but “he could have done serious damage.” She hopes Trace would be held accountable for what he did.

“What grown person, I mean, even if you do have that much hate for someone,… I mean, why would you attack a baby?” Whitaker said.