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Thursday, April 14, 2022

A Black Man Determined to Rise Reveals How He Became a Lawyer Despite Tough Childhood

Ron Naulls, author of the Audacity of Dope

Nationwide — From the rural life of Junction City, Kansas to the gritty streets of South Central L.A., and later Detroit, author Ron Naulls shares his truth in The Audacity of Dope and Perseverance, a remarkable story that dispels the very notion that our potential is inevitably cut short based on the cards we were dealt.

Like many children being raised in urban communities in the 80s, young Ron witnessed the all too familiar tale of a parent battling drug addiction and the lasting effects felt by family and friends. This raw and uncut exposé reveals domestic abuse, juvenile delinquency, sexual harassment, unemployment, violence, racism, and dope in all its various forms.

To uniquely uncover glimpses of the person who discovered and partnered with God, emerging to see an entire tapestry of experiences and prosperity with a mission to inspire and bless those who may feel left out.

The Audacity of Dope and Perseverance is about a Black man determined to rise.

About the author:
Ron Naulls is a lawyer and technologist licensed in the state of California. He provides advice and consults large and small businesses on privacy, cybersecurity, information technology, information freedom, mercenary hacking, browser exploits, phishing attacks, Trojan horses, and much more.

Ron also advises on cannabis compliance with a focus on licensing, certifications, systems development, training, and education on the medical benefits of cannabis.

He was born and raised in Junction City, Kansas, and loves spending quality time with family on a road trip or enjoying extracurricular activities with kids. However, he increasingly prefers life off the grid.

About the publishing:
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