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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

77-Year-Old Educator Makes History, Helps Black Children in Oakland Improve Their Reading Proficiency By 3 or 4 Grade Levels

Rosa Higgs and her students

Nationwide — Meet Rosa Higgs, a renowned education expert and the founder of the Read in 40 Hours or Less workbook series and teaching method. At 77 years old, she is being celebrated for having recently helped hundreds of Black and Brown kids in Oakland, California to improve their reading proficiency in just 40 hours. She worked with them for 15 minutes a day for 40 days, and was able to help many of them improve their reading capabilities by three or four grade levels.

All across the United States, African-American parents are eagerly seeking a way to overcome the reading crisis that is sabotaging Black students’ chances to succeed as early as third grade, according to numerous studies and educational experts.

“The answer is the Higgs Foundation sponsored Read in 40 or Less reading recovery method!” exclaims the recent Oakland Parks Director, Valerie Winn. “Our children latched on and took off, thanks to this unique phonics approach that guarantees participants will unlock never-taught secrets and master reading by learning seven (7) basic skills. Just seven!”

In weeks, Defremery Park children, who were once struggling in school, were now focused and listening for clues, eagerly decoding new words, expanding their vocabulary, and reading with expression and enthusiasm. Children who were tight-lipped and defensive were speaking with perfect enunciation and expressing themselves openly through creative writing.

“It was amazing!” Ms. Winn smiled. “And all it took was 30 minutes a day, four days a week.”

These results are not unique. Two other blind studies and countless parent/student teams have reported the same miraculous improvements. Not only in reading proficiency but how the course creates a halo effect that enhances all-around academic performance while unleashing a new passion for learning.

“The course workbooks provided accelerated reading outcomes,” says retired teacher, Dr. Woods of Columbus, Ohio. “Attendance and family participation increased greatly as well!”

From elementary through high school, we saw social behavior and emotional improvements in students who took the Read in 40 lessons,” observed Oak Park, Illinois psychologist, Dr. Johnson. “Especially with our children in foster care.”

“I designed Read in 40 workbooks and videos to not only empower education professionals and community advocates who teach in groups,” explains Higgs. “This reading recovery course is so user-friendly, multi-sensory, phonetical-sound, and engaging that parents and their children can relax and enjoy the learning experience, together. What’s more, parents watch with amazement as their child gains so much confidence, he/she is eager to practice these phonic techniques on their own. Even encourage siblings to make reading a family affair.”

“We knew our daughter was smart, but her grades were poor,” explains Mr. Rinkey a concerned black father and golf instructor from Oakland, CA. “Opposed to the stereotype of uninvolved parents, we care deeply about our daughter’s achievement. We do all we can for her. This meant investing in the Read in 40 workbooks and just as Ms. Higgs promised, our daughter improved four (4) grade levels in less than 40 days! Now she excels in every subject and is in all Advanced Placement classes. We owe it all to Read in 40!”

With the availability of Read in 40, the easy, fast, simple, evidence-based, and study-backed lesson series that produces equally impressive results with dyslexic and special needs students alike, why does the Black Student Reading Crisis continue to persist? Why does the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) study or the “U.S. Report Card” state that 82% of Black 4th graders scored below proficiency? That translates to a shocking 4 out of 5 black students!

How can this happen when today’s educators know that students must achieve full literacy expectations by the 3rd grade in order to avoid a life-crushing domino effect: When this reading gap continues unchecked, eventually the student has insufficient skills to navigate the demands of high school, thus lowering their odds of graduating with adequate reading competency to hold down a decent paying job. Chronic unemployment leads to a bleak existence trapped in government assistance programs or worse, being flushed down the prison pipeline. Who is responsible for this fiasco?

Study and test score analysts blame poverty and poor parenting. Both well-off/educated and low-income/yet involved Black parents blame underfunded classrooms and misinformed teachers. Teachers blame politically motivated budget cuts and restrictive curricula. Local politicians blame the five-year delay in the actual employment of Obama’s Every Student Succeeds Act. ESSA officials blame the lingering effects of No Child Left Behind policies that beget low test scores. So, the cycle goes. The fact is none of these theories are backed by quantitative or qualitative research.

Many agree with R.L. Higgs and the Higgs Foundation Community: “It is time to stop the finger-pointing and deal with the facts.”

FACT: Reliable studies have proved the reading education methods that are currently used or have been utilized in the past are NOT working for black students nationwide.

FACT: America’s Black students need help now! Not next year or even next semester. Not after a national caucus has been formed to research the issue. Not tomorrow. Today!

FACT: The Higgs Foundation-sponsored Read in 40 or Less is the only reading method proven to be an easy, fast, simple, effective, fun, evidence-based, study-backed teaching tool that produces equally impressive results. No matter the reading challenge, learning environment, education level or expertise of the instructor, the age or reading stage of the student. All that participate and complete the course workbooks and utilize the support videos are guaranteed to master American English at the collegiate level.

FACT: African-American parents, grandparents, godparents, foster care parents, caregivers, guardians, aunts, uncles, big sisters & brothers do not have to wait for their local school district, teachers college, or local mayor to accept these facts. You can transform your struggling student into a bright, confident, enthusiastic reader by investing in Read in 40 or Less. Right now!

For more information or to place an order, visit the official website at ReadIn40.com

The Read In 40 methodology is a one-of-kind systematic phonics-based approach that quickly enables K-12th grade and adult low-to-no readers to understand and decode the American English language. Quickly and proficiently. Unlike other phonics courses that are limited in scope, Read in 40 workbooks and videos provide a comprehensive, multi-sensory tool kit that can supplement any core curriculum or intervention program. Only Read in 40 offers training in phonemic awareness, the seven phonic rules, vocabulary building, reading comprehension as well as all the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills essential for success.

For press inquiries, contact info@readin40.com or 510-929-5137