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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

San Antonio Police Admit That They Wrongfully Arrested Black Jogger

Mathias Ometu, Black jogger arrested by San Antonio police

San Antonio, TX — Mathias Ometu, a 33-year old Black man from Texas, was violently arrested by San Antonio police while he was out jogging when he was mistaken for an armed suspect.

The police were apparently searching for a suspect who had been involved in a felony family violence call nearby when they found Ometu who was jogging. Ometu refused to provide his name and birthdate, which is legal in Texas law if a person is not operating a motor vehicle or arrested at that time.

An argument ensued before the police handcuffed Ometu and told him to get into the patrol car. Police said Ometu became aggressive and kicked them during the arrest.

The victim eventually arrived at the scene and confirmed that Ometu was not the man who assaulted her.

Meanwhile, police claimed the suspect who fled the scene was “wearing a bright green shirt and shorts” as relayed by witnesses. In a video of his encounter with the police, Ometu can be seen wearing a light green t-shirt and shorts.

Ometu was taken to the San Antonio Municipal Court and was charged with two counts of assaulting an officer.