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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Single Mom Shines Light on the Incredible Power of Singler Mothers Raising Black (Gentle) Men

Sanya Simmons and her sons

Nationwide — With data showing that 70% of African American children are raised by single mothers, and a significant portion of them being male, author and single mom advocate Sanya Simmons’ book A Single Mom’s Guide to Raising Black (Gentle) Men is right on time. “As we celebrate mothers in May, it’s crucial to shine a light on the incredible power and resilience of single mothers, especially those raising Black sons,” says Sanya who wrote this book to empower single mothers with the knowledge, tools, and encouragement they may need to navigate the same challenges she encountered raising her two sons.

Sanya provides practical advice, heartfelt insights, and real-life examples of multifaceted issues faced by single mothers. Topics include Get Rid of The Anger, Make Sure He Knows He Is Loved, Look For The “Why” Behind The Behavior, Know His Teachers, Teach Him About Malcolm X, Let Him Go, Forgive Yourself, and more.

From navigating the educational system and combating stereotypes to discussing topics such as sex, sexual orientation, self-care, and gender identity, she offers invaluable guidance on how to nurture and support Black boys to become compassionate, resilient, and successful men.

Sanya’s book has received praise from readers for its candor, practicality, and relevance. Here are a few:

Sanya gives useful advice in an easy read that makes you feel supported and not alone!
Being completely honest about raising two Black sons in today’s environment. What an amazing family. I highly recommend this book to all moms raising not only boys but girls as well.

This book is just the encouragement I needed during this intense season of my life. Although I am married, I can still relate to Sanya’s book.

A Single Mom’s Guide to Raising Black (Gentle) Men is available in print, ebook, and audiobook on Amazon or anywhere you buy/read books.

For more information about Sanya Simmons and her work, please visit https://sanyasimmons.com/author/

About the Author
Sanya Simmons is a divorced mom of two grown sons. She believes that everyone has worth and purpose in this life. Sanya also believes that everyone is deserving of love. These two beliefs are the foundation of her parenting style. She is passionate about the social issues affecting our sons, and she believes that we must do everything within our power to set them up for success. Harlem Book Fair, Global Actors Lounge, Neesha’s Network, and Dr. P on the Pod podcast have featured Sanya speaking about her book, A Single Mom’s Guide To Raising Black (Gentle) Men. Additionally, Sanya is an award-winning audiobook narrator. She resides outside Atlanta, Georgia.

For press inquiries, media interviews, or to request a review copy, contact Tanya Simmons Reid, Skyrocket Communications, Inc. at tanya@skyrocketcommunications.com or 856-210-2177.