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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Dad Teams Up With 11-Year Old Son to Convert School Bus into Mobile Learning Center

Sean and Caden Harris building thier financial literacy school bus

Nationwide — Sean Harris, and his 11-year old son, Caden, from Atlanta, Georgia, have teamed up to raise $30,000 to complete a mobile financial learning center bus project. They are currently in the process of renovating a 54 passenger bus that they acquired in 2021. The bus will be used to go around to schools and neighborhoods teaching kids about financial literacy.

Sean says that one of his greatest joys is being able to not only teach his son about being financially smart but to work hand in hand on a project that will impact so many in their community. Caden shares the importance of the project because it allows him to further build his business which teaches kids financial literacy by a kid.

Caden also expresses why it’s so important to have the community take part in the fundraising process. He says that it will give the community the opportunity to see the bus going down the street and feel like they contributed to the project.

Caden believes that his age will also give other young kids and adults the inspiration needed to go after their dreams and goals.

For more details on how to contribute to the mobile financial learning center bus project, visit https://gofund.me/567828e5

For more details about Caden and his other projects, visit CadenTeaches.com

For press inquiries, contact CadenTeaches@gmail.com or 404-932-7655.