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Monday, June 1, 2020

New Black-Owned Financial Literacy Board Game That Sold Out in Days is Now Available to Pre-Order

Ashley M. Clark, founder of Sense2Cents

NationwideSense 2 Cents, a financial literacy company for children and young adults, has produced an immersive financial literacy board game to develop children’s financial management and decision-making skills while engaging in leisurely fun.

Created for the entire family, the Sense 2 Cents Board Game is designed to make learning fun and effective for the whole family. The brand’s first product was financial literacy flashcards for children. Now they want children to see how the words are used in practical life situations with this fun and practical board game.

“It is with great joy and excitement that we launch the Sense 2 Cents Board Game,” said Ashley M. Clark, Founder of Sense 2 Cents. “Sense 2 Cents was founded with the understanding that children retain information quicker and longer when the learning process is fun and engaging.”

The Sense 2 Cents Board Game takes players down the road of life to determine where their skills and luck will get them. Careful planning and clever decision making will separate the winner from the losers, teaching kids important lessons when it comes to making, spending, and managing their finances.

Designed for up to four players with different tools that each player can use to get ahead of the competition, the board game includes a banker role, Sense 2 Cents cash, and a credit score system to demonstrate the importance of getting and keeping good credit.

For the price of $59, the Sense 2 Cents Board Game is now available again for pre-order online at http://sense2cents.org. Pre-ordered games will be shipped the week of June 15, 2020.


About Sense 2 Cents
Founded by Ashley M. Clark, Sense 2 Cents was established to instill financial literacy among children with a range of courses and tools that are all focused on important areas such as economics, banking, credit, investing, and entrepreneurship. Ashley carries a rich experience of working in the financial industry for more than ten years and wants parents to teach their kids financial literacy at home in a fun and effective way. Follow the brand on Instagram @sense2cents


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