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Friday, May 19, 2023

Black Mom, Daughter from Detroit Graduate Nursing College Together

Shalisa and Mishay Davis

Nationwide — Shalisa Davis and her daughter, Mishay, who are from Detroit, Michigan, shared a very special moment when they recently graduated together from the Hondros College of Nursing in Toledo, Ohio.

Shalisa, who has been a practical nurse for over 20 years, said she wanted to do more in the medical field and so she made plans to go back to college. Mishay was then inspired by her mother and so they decided to go on this journey of earning their degrees together.

The mother-daughter duo said being together in class allowed them to support and help each other along the way.

“[I would] stay on top of her, like ‘did you study this, did you get your homework done’, versus her yelling at me to get your homework done,” Mishay told WTOL.

Their graduation day was indeed a momentous day for the two as Shalisa walked across the stage first and Mishay literally followed her mother’s footsteps. Shalisa said she felt overwhelmed with emotions at that moment.

“As a mother when you watch your children graduate from college, you feel kind of complete,” Shalisa said. “You feel as a parent, even though we made mistakes, we did something right.”

Moreover, the two said they are grateful for the help of their family while they simultaneously achieve their goals. Shalisa’s son and Mishay’s brother Justin Davis, whom they also celebrate having graduated from his college this year, was a great support for them.

“The days where we both had to be at school or clinicals, he kept my daughter and granddaughter, so he was an intricate part in the program for us,” Shalisa said.

Moving forward, Shalisa said she wants to open her own clinic that could help underserved communities with fewer healthcare resources. Mishay, who passed her boards, plans to pursue further education and become a family practitioner.