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Friday, June 4, 2021

Nurse Creates Subscription Service to Help Black Moms Prepare For Lactation

Shamiesha Ebhotemen founder of NurseMilk

Nationwide — Shamiesha Ebhotemen, Founder and CEO of NURSEMilk, LLC in Anaheim, California, has created a safe space for families to begin their breastfeeding journey with the tools needed for success. The Latch Baby Latch, and the Liquid Gold subscription packages respectively; were designed exclusively for pregnant women 20 weeks or more. Armed with personalized workbooks/journals; soon-to-be Mothers receive a support assessment, 1-on-1 classes, group classes, free merchandise, and weekly emails…and that’s just in the first month.

As a nurse of 10 years, she knew it was important to research and find her resources. During her pregnancy, she began searching for a Lactation Consultant of color in her area. She was only able to locate one in the entire county of nearly 3.2 million people, which was very disheartening. This lit a fire underneath her and pushed her to get her certifications in both Lactation Education and Consultation. In September 2019, she founded NURSEMilk. Where the mission is to educate, teach advocacy, empower women to breastfeed without fear, and erase the stigma that is still associated with breastfeeding. “I wanted to be the support to other moms that I desperately searched for.”

Shamiesha hails from Omaha, Nebraska, and is a fierce advocate for Black Maternal Health; both in and outside of the hospital. “I’ve wanted to leave the hospital setting for years, but I stay because I’ve become sort of a bodyguard for my Black patients. If I’m not there, I can’t guarantee they’ll be treated the way they deserve. I don’t mind going toe to toe with any doctor. It’s sad, but that’s the American health system.” During the pandemic, she began to pivot, and offer all services virtually, which includes her prenatal lactation course, lactation support, and most recently her subscription services. (Nursemilk.com). By doing so, she was able to reach women across the country.

“After my very first in-home prenatal lactation class, I knew I was called to do this work. I felt a deep sense of renewed purpose and passion.” Birth workers of color are key to improving OUR birth outcomes. “I’ve had so many clients tell me; it just hits different when the education is from someone who looks like you”.

When creating Latch Baby Latch (20 weeks or more) and Liquid Gold (28 weeks or more), she began to think about how real “pregnancy brain” is, coupled with all the feelings that come with carrying life, and the reality that many pregnant Mamas may unintentionally forget what they learned in her prenatal lactation class. It was clear that there needed to be another option that catered to the complexities of pregnancy. These subscriptions do just that. For detailed video descriptions of each package head to NurseMilk.com/latchbaby. The next cohort launches on June 21, 2021.

Shamiesha has had the pleasure of speaking at Chapman University, regarding Black maternal health, and has served on numerous panels, including the opening panel of Black mothers at the 2019 California Birth Equity Summit. Recently she penned her first article, as the April Featured Nurse of the Month in Color of Wellness Magazine; entitled What can WE do as a community to increase breastfeeding rates? Color of Wellness is the first magazine centered around Black wellness, written by Black nurses. Head to colorofwellness.co to grab your copy.

Book your free 10-minute discovery call, your prenatal lactation class, lactation support, or join them on June 21st, as we begin our next cohort. Registration begins June 1st, closing June 10th, 2021. Register free at NurseMilk.com

For press inquiries, please contact shamiesha@nursemilk.com or (657) 226-0057.