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Monday, April 18, 2022

Both HBCU Grads, These Two Black Doctor Siblings Are Empowering Patients to Be More “Medically Literate”

Drs. Shamolie Wyckoff and Elita Wyckoff Jones

Nationwide — Drs. Shamolie Wyckoff and Elita Wyckoff Jones, both Spelman College alumna and also fleshly sisters, have collaborated to write With Ease, Navigating the Medical Office Visit to respond to the increasing healthcare needs, particularly for people of color, the elderly and the self-employed.

The conversational and instructional book is part of their ongoing effort to help patients live healthier lives. Available on Amazon and WithEaseBook.com, the book educates patients about the importance of understanding their medications.

“I wanted to give an insider guide to patients,” said Dr. Elita Wyckoff Jones, who has been a practicing physician in obstetrics and gynecology for the past 15 years. “We want them to take charge of their medical care, to be informed and armed with insight.”

Dr. Shamolie Wyckoff, a practicing physician in physical medicine and rehabilitation for the past 11 years, adds, “The world has changed and health care with it. We also must adapt how we approach and interact with the health care system to make sure it still serves our purpose – improving our health and living a long and quality life.”

The sisters know that going to the doctor is stressful. Their book offers readers advice on how to:

• Foster a healthier doctor/patient relationship
• Take a more active role in maintaining their health
• Reduce anxiety when speaking with doctors and preparing for surgical procedures
• Overcome fears of taking medicine and understand side effects
• Understand the purpose and roles of various staff in doctors’ offices
• Create a “health care capsule,” recording your personal medical history

“We hope the book will empower individuals to take a more active role in maintaining the health of our mind and bodies,” Shamolie says.

Elita adds, “The book is meant to be instructional and useful to people regardless of educational level.”

To purchase the book, go to WithEaseBook.com

For questions about bulk book orders, please call 470-239-8547 or email customerservice@booklogix.com

For press inquiries or an interview with the doctors, contact Neil Foote, Foote Communications, neil@neilfoote.com.

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