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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Meet the Career Coach Helping Black Women Transition to Well-Paying Tech Jobs

Shimeka Williams

Nationwide — Shimeka Williams, career coach and founder of Liberated Living LLC, has announced the official launch of her highly anticipated new book, The Confident Switch: How to Change Careers and Still Love Your Life.

Williams is a career coach who helps people make shifts in their lives towards being happier and more fulfilled. She offers up these services from a heart of personal experience. After college, Williams accepted a steady position in order to pay bills, and quickly learned that she’d landed in the wrong career. After 20 years of playing it safe, she took a leap of faith so she could pursue her passion, and it forever changed the outlook of her career and her life. Now, Williams helps women transition careers with confidence through her company, Liberated Living LLC.

Liberated Living LLC offers coaching, consulting, and a community of like-minded individuals and all of these are offered with a focus on transformation. For instance, Williams offers consulting or group coaching for career-oriented individuals and businesses alike. She also created Career Changers, which is a free Facebook Community where aspiring career changers can share ideas, ask questions, and much more.

The Liberating Living LLC community has been looking forward to the debut of Williams’ new book. The Confident Switch is available on Amazon in ebook and paperback; Apple in ebook format; and on Google in ebook format. The new book is dedicated to those who, like Williams once did, are looking for a career change but aren’t sure where to start. Most importantly, it teaches how to make a career choice that is the right fit.

‘The Confident Switch’ focuses on mindset while also delving into the myth that has held many captive in unfulfilling jobs. Williams offers readers a step-by-step blueprint for identifying and pursuing their ideal lives. In addition, Williams answers ten of the most commonly asked questions among career changers. Anyone interested in a career shift and living a more fulfilled life can benefit from the valuable tips placed within this all-in-one resource.

Find The Confident Switch on Amazon or learn more at LiberatedLivingLLC.com.

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Liberated Living LLC was founded by Shimeka Williams and offers career and small business coaching, along with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

For press inquiries, contact Shimeka Williams Liberated Living LLC at 757-759-7285 or support@liberatedlivingllc.com