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Thursday, August 3, 2023

After Two Failed Businesses, HBCU Grad Turned Fashion Designer Sells Out Her Newest Design in an Hour

Shirah Ray

Nationwide — Shirah Ray, a veteran fashion stylist with over 20 years of experience and the owner of David Lee’s Boutique (named after her late father), has achieved an extraordinary feat as her latest creation, the Color Block Suit, sold out within a mere hour of its launch. This remarkable success is a testament to Shirah’s unyielding determination and her commitment to empowering women through fashion.

As a proud HBCU graduate of Southern University at New Orleans, Shirah has the distinction of operating the longest-running Black-owned boutique in St. John Parish, Louisiana. However, her entrepreneurial journey has been marked by resilience in the face of adversity, and has endured potentially paralyzing challenges such as a robbery that left an employee severely injured, racial discrimination, and two store closures.

Fear of judgment and the embarrassment of two closed storefronts left Shirah’s hopes and dreams for her company drowning in a sea of doubt and uncertainty. Through her faith and the encouragement of her supportive village, she persevered, refusing to give in to discouragement and the temptation to quit. She company, “Every obstacle has been an opportunity in disguise. By embracing tough challenges and using them as stepping stones, you will turn adversity into an advantage and build a sustainable and more successful brand. We’ve had some failures, but we’ve never failed!”

To adapt to changing market trends, her company, David Lee’s Boutique, made a strategic pivot to an exclusively online platform, which proved to be a brilliant move. Shirah committed to educating herself on the world of online sales, social media marketing, and strategic brand building. In this space, Shirah discovered her natural talent for fashion design. Embracing the digital landscape allowed her to connect with a global audience of powerful women who would resonate with the message of empowerment behind her first design – the Color Block Suit. Fueled by market research surrounding emerging fashion trends and customer preferences, each subsequent release of her design is met with enthusiasm and anticipation. With the success of the second release and the growing waitlist for the third, her fashion brand is becoming synonymous with exclusivity, quality, and power.

As a designer, Shirah has been focused on quality fabric choices, fine design details, and even prioritizing local manufacturing so that she can maintain a heavy presence throughout the process. Her thoughtfully curated expertise has allowed David Lee’s Boutique to thrive, offering an unheard-of “lifetime guarantee” on all products and providing invaluable garment care education to patrons. Coupled with her social media presence and connection to her customers she is driving David Lee’s success. She recently reflected, “I now realize relying solely on the store was only holding me back. I’m connecting with women all over the world. I’m leveraging my presence as a boutique owner, stylist, and fashion personality to expand into designing and manufacturing, all while investing in the marketing that ultimately helped build a strong brand presence.” Through her resilience and ability to adapt, Shirah transformed a vulnerable moment of disappointment into a story of triumph. “I definitely wanted to quit, but I found a way to appreciate the pause.”

The phenomenal response to the Color Block Suit launch not only marks a significant milestone for David Lee’s Boutique but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts everywhere. With Shirah’s dedication to her craft and her unshakable belief in the potential of every woman to radiate Style Pow-HER remains a shining beacon of empowerment in the fashion industry.

About the Founder
Shirah Ray is an expert entrepreneurial stylist and boutique owner known for her outstanding achievements in the fashion industry. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, she is dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs unlock their potential and build lasting brands in the competitive fashion landscape. The David Lee’s Boutique brand has been featured in countless fashion blogs and publications such as BreakThru Magazine, SwagHer Magazine, Data News Weekly, Great Day Louisiana, and The 504 Show. She has also built great strategic partnerships with WWLTV, Spears Group, Porterhouse Public Relations & Rustic Shoebox. She’s written a best-selling ebook, Style Etiquette, received the Outstanding Millennial Fashion Award, and continues to serve as a mentor to youth aspiring to enter the fashion industry.

For more details about the Color Block Suit and more of her designs, visit her website at DavidLeesBtq.com

For press inquiries, contact Jasmin Porter Porterhouse PR at mrsjporter0424@gmail.com or 504-261-5650 (please send an initial text message before calling).