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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Singer Monica Jumps Off Stage in Detroit After Fan Punches Woman, “You Don’t Hit No Lady Like That”

Monica performing in Detroit

Nationwide — R&B singer Monica stopped her performance at the Detroit Riverfront Music Festival on July 22 after witnessing a man who punched a female concertgoer during her crowded show, prompting the singer to take immediate action.

Video footage captured Monica speaking on stage, condemning the violent act. “Don’t you hit her like that?! You don’t hit no lady like that n—-, are you out of your f—— mind?!” she exclaimed.

Upset by the situation, Monica jumped off stage to confront the assailant, demanding security to remove him from the crowd.

After handling the issue, Monica returned to finish her performance and later apologized for the incident. The singer, a survivor of domestic violence herself, explained that witnessing such violence triggered her emotions.

One concertgoer, Christopher Kyle, shared footage on Instagram, recounting the incident and praising Monica’s brave intervention.

Video clips of the altercation spread widely on social media, sparking outrage over the lack of prompt action from security and other bystanders. Many netizens called out the men present who failed to intervene when the woman was assaulted.

In response to the incident, Monica issued a heartfelt apology on social media, expressing her concern for the woman and her intentions to prevent further harm.

“I watched & she didn’t appear to even know him! It appeared to be about space during a packed concert! He punched her with ALL his strength!” Monica wrote in another statement on Instagram in The Shade Room’s comments. “My intentions were to prevent her from being hit again & she wasn’t! I asked for help, it fell on deaf ears! It was like seeing my mother or an aunt be assaulted!! This woman was 50+ I pray she’s ok! Happy Sunday to everyone!”