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Friday, March 1, 2019

No, Solange Knowles Did Not Buy BlackPlanet — But She Did Launch a New Page!


Nationwide — After a brief social media hiatus since October 2018, singer-songwriter Solange Knowles is back with a bang. On February 27, she announced through her Instagram and Twitter posts the launching of her new own page on BlackPlanet, the popular Black online community and social media platform created back in 1999.

Solange’s new page currently includes links, GIFs, a looping futuristic video, as well as cryptic texts like: “When your body is all you have you best take care,” and “How much of ourselves do we leave at home and how much do we carry with us forever?”

The highlight of the page is Solange’s newly released images of herself wearing cowboy boots. The schedule of her live tour, which will begin in May, is also posted.

Moreover, the announcement about her BlackPlanet page came days after it was revealed that she will grace the Spring 2019 cover of i-D magazine.

Solange’s fans were excited about her comeback. Some even initially thought the recent announcement meant she had bought the iconic African-American social networking company. Regardless, a lot have already been anticipating over her upcoming projects.

For more details on Solange’s new BlackPlanet page, visit blackplanet.com/solange