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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Apparel Line Pushes the Message That Black Americans Have Indigenous Roots in America

Sovereign Creed, a Black-owned apparel company based in Texas, is using their fashion products to educate the masses that up to 90% of the ancestors of Black Americans were already in America prior to European colonization and the West African Slave Trade.

Sovereign Creed, Black-owned apparel line

Nationwide — J. Randall, former actor, and his wife, Sharri Jones-Randall, are the founders of a new apparel line called Sovereign Creed that aims to educate Black Americans about their indigenous roots in America. Based in Dallas, Texas, their line of products commemorate historical Black figures and invigorate the mind with provocative slogans.

Founded in 2021, Sovereign Creed produces high-quality t-shirts, hoodies, baby clothing, puzzles, and games that serve as a guide to discovering the truth.

J. Randall comments, “History is written by the victors and that couldn’t be ever more apparent than right now. And that is why Sovereign Creed is here. If we always let our oppressors tell us who we are, how do we expect to be who we are?”

At Sovereign Creed, they are more than just another clothing line. They are a lifestyle. They’ve dedicated their lives studying every aspect of history that you can imagine. They’ve also learned from the history that the public school system doesn’t teach. Through those lessons, they’ve learned that Black people aren’t just indigenous to Africa.

“The majority of our ancestors were already here prior to Columbus,” says J. Randall. “It’s no coincidence that when you look at the treatment of indigenous people worldwide, they all share one common trait; melanin. It is imperative that we reclaim control of our content.”

Both J. Randall and his wife, Sharri, say they are dedicated to re-educating our people with an emphasis on family and the youth. “They know who we are, do you?” the couple asks.

To learn more about Sovereign Creed and/or to purchase their products, visit their official website at www.sovereigncreed.shop or follow them on Instagram @SovereignCreed

For press inquiries, contact 214-241-3357 or info@sovereigncreed.com