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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Speakers Magazine Features Legendary Stephanie Mills on the Cover

Speaking Up on the Power of Love and Black Lives Matter

Stephanie Mills on the cover of Speakers Magazine

Nationwide — When you hear the first few chords and lyrics of the Number 1 R&B hit song “Home,” it immediately takes you to a place of serenity and sweetness. That personifies Stephanie Mills. Her voice ushers you into a place of joy.

Very few artists can claim a five-plus decade career so magical as singer Stephanie Mills. Although she has won many accolades with 10 Billboard #1 singles and winning a Grammy, an American Music Award, NAACP Image Award, plus tons more – she is still amazingly humble, grateful, and grounded.

When asked what keeps her going, she says, “My faith, my son, and a true love for what I do. Knowing who I am and why I’m here is the secret to having peace.”

At 63, she is on a mission to use her powerful voice to make significant contributions to the African American community through her foundation, Love Your Worth.

Stephanie lights up a stage when she performs but she lights up even more when she talks about her 19-year-old son, and only child, Farad J. Mills, who is an author (FaradJM.com).

She comments, “Farad was born with Down syndrome but he functions at a very high level. He loves jokes, pranks and is so fun to be around. He is the ‘assistant’ to my manager, Amp Harris, so he travels with me to all my concerts.”

Stephanie talks about how she was criticized for having a child at 45 and questioned how she was going to handle her career and her special needs son as a single parent.

“I was given my greatest gift of all…my son, Farad J. Mills. I never knew love like this before! Having this child saved my life! God doesn’t make mistakes, and he blessed me with a smart, funny, charismatic, handsome, and wonderful young man that is so awesome,” said Stephanie.

Seeing the hard work Stephanie and Farad have put into conquering the stereotypes about people with special needs, is incredibly inspiring. “He is an author and a straight-A-student. He lights up a room when he is in it. Yes, there are challenges in life when being a parent. This is a challenge that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world. He doesn’t know how much he has fulfilled my life,” she said.

She is grateful and proud of Farad and wants to encourage other parents and caregivers, especially those in the Black community who have felt shut out, ashamed or embarrassed because of their children with Down syndrome.

“Every child is a gift,” said Stephanie. “I’m writing a book on how I raised my son and things you can do. Don’t buy into when the doctors say that ‘your kids can’t do this or can’t do that.’ Our children can do anything with love, patience, and kindness.”

Her book will be released later this year, it’s called Every Child is a Gift. “I want to help other people who have a child with Down syndrome in our community. I want to help them help their children. That’s my passion,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie certainly hasn’t allowed her commercial success to distract or detach her from issues that matter including the #BlackLivesMatter and advocating for Federal Laws to protect everyone all across the board.

“As a people, we have to come together and make some changes. I want to use my platform for good to make changes that affect the community. We have to do what is right – and we have to VOTE. We have to use the power of love to make change happen,” said Stephanie. “It starts with caring enough to vote what our ancestors fought and died for.”

Other speakers featured in this issue include:

* Christen Rochen, Digital Thought Leader and Influencer

* Marques and Shyra Murrey, Hosts of Black Married and Debt Free Podcast

* Dexter B. Jenkins, Faith-based Financial Mentor

* Maggie Anderson, Author of Our Black Year and Activist

* Linda Taliaferro, Career expert and Coach

* Gene Baker, Leadership trainer

In this issue are also articles to help advance the careers of speakers by Anton Gray and Becky A. Davis.

To download the current or previous issues, view the speaker reels or their featured speakers, or to learn about Speakers, visit www.speakersmagazine.net or call (248) 690-6810.

Watch the Speakers Magazine and BSN interview with Stephanie Mills:


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