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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Meet the Black Author Who is Introducing Financial Literacy to Kids in a Fun and Engaging Way

Tanisha Adjokatcher

Nationwide — A groundbreaking new book, The ABCs of Wealth Building by Tanisha Adjokatcher, a coach, MWBE-certified entrepreneur, and DOE vendor/contractor, is shaping tomorrow’s financially savvy generation.

Our world is growing increasingly more complex every day. Technology is evolving, changing the face of nearly every industry. And with every evolution comes often significant changes to the financial realm. In recent years, rapid technological advancements have left their impact on the financial landscape – as have shifting global economic dynamics. The rise of digital currencies, the proliferation of online trading platforms, and the increasing reliance on artificial intelligence for financial decision-making have all changed how individuals and institutions approach money management.

Simultaneously, global economic events such as the pandemic have altered consumer spending habits and investment strategies, emphasizing the need for greater financial resilience and adaptability. These changes have expanded the array of financial tools and services available – but they also demonstrate the necessity for enhanced financial literacy to face this increasingly complex realm.

One bright education-minded individual has pinpointed an astonishingly simple solution – but one that will take a tremendous amount of team effort to accomplish.

“We have to teach children the basics of finances,” says Tanisha. “We have to start financial literacy as young as possible. Children learn quickly – more quickly than adults – and if we simplify complex financial concepts, they are able to grasp them much better than most people believe.”

Her new children’s book, The ABCs of Wealth Building, breaks down these concepts to a child’s level. Her work is playing a pivotal role in reshaping the financial mindset of the next generation, and she’s doing it by promoting a multifaceted approach.

“We have to bridge the gap between traditional education and practical financial wisdom,” she says. “This is how we can embed this vital financial knowledge into the core of our kids’ learning.”

Tanisha has the credentials to back up her ideas. As a Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) certified entrepreneur and Department of Education (DOE) vendor/contractor, she works closely with schools already and has been teaching in schools for 6 years. Once she realized the major gap in kids’ financial education, she set out to make a change – and her roles enabled her to interact closely with educational systems. This has given her a unique vantage point to influence financial literacy within schools.

As success becomes increasingly intertwined with financial savvy, research reveals a concerning trend: only 57% of American adults are financially literate. “This is a major shortfall,” Adjokatcher emphasizes. “That same study found that 73% of teens are actively seeking more education in personal finance, so the desire to learn is there.

This shortfall in financial understanding is further highlighted by the fact that 73% of teenagers are actively seeking more education in personal finance. The impact of this deficiency is quantifiable, with the average American losing approximately $1,819 annually due to a lack of financial knowledge, as reported on August 16, 2023.

“Financial education is absolutely critical,” she says. “I’m dedicated to integrating this key subject into school curricula because I believe that financial literacy should be as fundamental as reading, lunch, mathematics, and gym in children’s education.”

Young students, she says, should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions, laying the groundwork for a more secure and prosperous future.

Knowing how kids learn best, she advocates a hands-on approach to financial education. She conducts workshops and training sessions in schools, bringing her expertise directly to the classroom. Her sessions are designed to be engaging and interactive. They make financial concepts accessible and understandable to students of all ages – while they have fun.

“There are so many ways to make learning exciting,” Tanisha shares. “We talk about real-life scenarios, we do practical exercises, we have stickers – anything to help students apply what they’ve learned in a controlled and supportive environment. Once we build their confidence in finances, they’re going to enjoy so much more success now and once they get older.”

Her role as a DOE vendor/contractor facilitates her collaboration with schools. She works closely with educators and administrators to tailor her programs to meet the specific needs of each school. Her goal is to make her financial literacy workshops an integral part of the school experience, to complement traditional academic subjects.

“Integrating a new subject into established curriculums comes with its challenges,” she says. “But they can be overcome. I align my financial literacy programs with educational standards, and I firmly believe in the long-term benefits of financially savvy students.”

Tanisha’s persistence, along with her innovative strategies, has been key to overcoming resistance and skepticism within the educational community. Students who participate in her financial literacy programs show more confidence in managing money. Early exposure to financial concepts, she affirms, can have a profound effect on their future, equipping them with the skills to avoid debt, save effectively, and invest wisely, while also loving themselves more.

“The book is doing well – and in early 2024, I’m releasing a workbook to go along with it,” she says. “I’ll also be hosting workshops for adults, both to enhance their own financial literacy and to help teach them how to share these concepts with kids. It’s a great opportunity for parents and educators.”

She says that every child should have access to quality financial education, regardless of their background. So she is hard at work developing online resources and digital tools to complement her in-person workshops, thereby increasing her impact and accessibility.

Tanisha’s work represents a significant stride in preparing future generations for the financial challenges of the modern world. While teaching kids to manage money is integral, she goes a step further by promoting a financially literate society. She is a catalyst for change, bringing much-needed improvements to the realm of financial education.

Similarly, parents looking to teach their kids about money can purchase the book by visiting her website at TheABCsofWealthBuilding.com

Also, be sure to visit Tanisha’s website at TanishaMarie.com and follow her on Instagram @CoachTanishaMarie

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