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Friday, October 7, 2022

Black Mom of 2 Builds Over $600K College Portfolio and Now Teaches Other Mothers How To Build Wealth

Tanya Taylor

Nationwide — Tanya Taylor is a Certified Public Accountant and holds an MBA in Strategic Management. She has spent her 24+ year career on Wall Street in the banking and insurance industry. She grew up in poverty and migrated to the United States alone at 16. Recognizing the difficulties she faced as an undocumented teen, she was determined to create a better life not just for herself but also for her children.

After landing her first job out of college, she co-founded a stock market investment club and began her investing journey. Once she had children, she decided that she wanted to give them the opportunity to attend any college without ever having to worry about student loans. She also wanted to ensure that their education did not interfere with her retirement plans. Therefore, she had to begin saving for their college fund.

Her goal was to build a $500 thousand portfolio by the time her oldest daughter was ready for college. She decided that the best way to achieve her goal was through investing in the stock market. While she utilized a 529 plan as well as a custodial account, almost 90% of the college fund is invested in individual stocks. At its highest, the college portfolio reached about $615 thousand, fulfilling her goal of sending her children to the college of their choice debt-free.

Upon observing the impact of the pandemic on many families, particularly Black families, Tanya decided to create the Grow Your Wealth financial education platform to teach professionals and small business owners how to ditch bad debt and create a 6 to 7-figure retirement income even if they don’t have any plans in place.

Her 24+ years of experience on Wall Street, coupled with her extensive knowledge of personal finance and tax planning allows her to meet each person exactly where they are on their financial journey. Within the first 15 days of the program, her clients can remove the anxiety and fear around money and retirement and create their custom roadmap which they can immediately begin implementing.

With the proper tools in place, Tanya has been able to live her dream of building a solid retirement portfolio and traveling the world. She has traveled to almost 30 states and 50+ countries, taking her children to almost 30 of those countries with her. She is confident that she can help other families achieve their goal of building wealth and leaving a legacy.

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Also, visit her official website at GrowYourWealth10x.com

For press and media inquiries, contact Tanya@growyourwealth10x.com

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