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Monday, March 5, 2018

New T-Shirt Line Says “Thank You” To Black History Makers, Pledges #NoMoreHiddenFigures

Thank You Tees

Thank You Tees dedicated to David Ruggles and Henrietta Lacks

Boston, MA — How often have you learned about a historic accomplishment made by a Black person in America and wondered, why am I just now hearing about this? The answer is because it’s by design. As some U.S. corporations and politicians distort American history by either misrepresenting actual events or altogether omitting the contributions of marginalized people from textbooks and public school curriculums, new apparel company Thank You Tees is returning the power to educate to the people.

Thank You Tees was founded by HBCU graduates Stephanie Campbell (Howard University) and Veronica N. Chapman (Spelman College). The t-shirts provide people an opportunity to learn about and express gratitude for the countless contributions of Black Americans. While all Americans benefit from the ingenuity of Black thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, educators, and activists, many of these contributions aren’t celebrated as part of the American tapestry.

While a few modern history makers are included in the Thank You Tees catalogue, the primary mission of Thank You Tees is to bring awareness to hidden figures by building an army of Thank You Tee envoys who want to educate the world about this unsung American history. To achieve this mission, each shirt includes the company’s Thank You logo along with the name of a Black history maker. The bold design prompts people to inquire about the featured person or research the name themselves – mission accomplished.

Stephanie Campbell, CEO of Thank You Tees, explains, “Thank You Tees engages all people, and most importantly Black people, in a collective sharing of Black history in America. There is a great sense of pride and healing that can come from learning about and celebrating our ancestors’ contributions to our nation, especially considering the obstacles they encountered.”

COO of Thank You Tees, Veronica N. Chapman, adds, “As we consider the future of this nation, and what is required for it to truly become great, we have to give credit and praise where it is due. All Americans must commit to listening to each other and learning about all the threads that are sewn into this American fabric. I am grateful to be able to highlight Black contributions to the United States in this creative way, and I encourage anyone whose people are otherized in America to do the same.”

To learn more about Thank You Tees, visit www.thanksaredue.com

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