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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New Book From “The Negro Question” Series Says that the Original 13 British Colonies Were Founded by Black Kings

— Author Lee Cummings says his history book is based on factual information and proves that the original 13 British colonies were founded by 5 black kings from Europe, 4 black Scottish kings, and 1 black German king! —

The Negro Question Part 6 By Lee Cummings


NationwideThe Negro Question Part 6: The 13 Black Colonies by Lee Cummings is a book that contains the memoirs (published 1733) of former English Secret Service agent John Macky, who describes the Scottish Highlander Kings, Princes, Nobles and Dukes as being black, brown, ruddy and swarthy. Queen Sophia of England who lived during this man’s generation knew that his memoirs were true and she gave him the highest honor by copying from his original publication! King James the 6th of Scotland/England, who translated that Bible that you read every Sunday, was a black Scottish Highlander King! Not only was King James a black Scottish King, but this book provides indusputable proof that his grandfather, father, sons and grandchildren were black!

Cummings comments, “In the bowels of this book, I provide you with a ships manifest (1745) that describes the Jacobites, who happened to be Scottish Highlanders, as they are boarding the convict ships to America as being; Black, brown, dark, ruddy and swarthy. We have two documents written 12 years apart which give the same black description of King James and his seed… is this my only proof? Of course not!”

This book provides the reader with genetic research obtained from; Harvard University, the Institute of Evolutionary biology (Spain) and African ancestry that further validates the claims of this book. This book also includes the eyewitness account of leading European historians and scholars such as; Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Professor Boyd Dawkins, Dr. Albert Churchward, Joseph Ritson, Winchell Alexander and Professor Huxley. On page 60 of the 13 Black Colonies, Benjamin Franklin said that the black nations of Europe in his generation were, “France, Spain, Russia, Italy, America, Asia, Africa, Sweden and Germany.” Benjamin Franklin goes on to say that “the only whites on earth at that time were the Saxons and the English.” The Scottish Highlanders were neither Saxon or English!

On page 3 of The 13 Black Colonies, Professor Boyd Dawkins gives the exact location of the blacks and whites in ancient England. Is this it? Is this the only proof that I have? Of course not this book is filled with untampered artifacts that proves the original 13 British colonies were founded by black Kings. You can quote me on this… the Government sponsored school system has nothing like this book… this book is the first of its kind… there is nothing in existence like it….nothing….the research in this book is indisputable!

The Negro Question book series enjoys an international readership selling over 20,000 copies in Europe, Africa, South America and the United States.


About the Book:
The Negro Question Part 6: The 13 Black Colonies
By Lee Cummings
Publication Date: October 25, 2016
6 X 9 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-5397-42210

The Negro Question Part 6 is available for purchase on Amazon, Create Space or the Negro Question Book Store (www.TheNegroQuestion.com)

For further information, contact Lee Cummings at lee0260@comcast.net or (773) 822-1487


Lee Cummings
(773) 822-1487