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Thursday, February 10, 2022

In New Book, Five Generations of Black Men Openly Discuss the State of Black Relationships

'Black Men Intimacy' by Therez Fleetwood

NationwideBlack Men and Intimacy – Voices From Across the Diaspora by Therez Fleetwood explores the complexities of relationships through the minds of Black men in the 21st century. The author spent hundreds of hours having one-on-one conversations with 50+ Black men from ages 20 to 70, who gave no holds barred answers to intimate questions that are seldom discussed in relationships.

“One of the toughest things about being a Black male is that it’s rare to find people who understand us. Black men, young and old, have been characterized by society’s interpretation of who we are. This book debunks those stereotypes.” — Isaiah, age 35

Black Men and Intimacy – Voices From Across the Diaspora captures the vivid personalities and poignant personal stories of five generations of Black men from all walks of life and various occupations. It is an impactful, emotional, uplifting, and inspiring compilation of personal interviews that provide insight into Black men’s thoughts about love, relationships, communication, sex, intimacy, and much more. Black men have passionate triggers to love just as much as women do and they express their love in ways that are unique to them.

In Black Men and Intimacy – Voices From Across The Diaspora, Therez interviewed men on everything from: What is intimacy to (Black) men? How do (Black) men feel about marriage? What are (Black) men afraid of in relationships? And, do (Black) men want feedback in the bedroom? Black men also share their thought about sex and sexual pleasure, the types of women they find attractive, and the state of Black relationships.

Black Men and Intimacy – Voices From Across the Diaspora is not a theoretical analysis of Black men overall, nor is it written to stereotype or categorize them in any way. Instead, it provides a porthole for Black men to express themselves freely as they discuss issues that are real and prevalent in their lives and their relationships.

According to Therez, “I wanted to archive and preserve the intimate lives of Black men for future generations. It’s important for Black women, and other Black men, to hear their stories when it comes to understanding the intimate and emotional lives of Black men. I think this is where our healing as a community begins, by having conversations that allow us to cultivate more emotional, intellectual, and physical intimacy.” The questions asked in this book are probing and the answers are direct. Whether you are married or single, female or male, this book will open up a pathway to conversation and exploration.

About the author
Therez Fleetwood is the CEO of Luxury Romance Concierge. She has been working with couples for over 20 years as a wedding coordinator, adult toy educator, life coach, and romance concierge. Her work provides couples with various ways to enhance the romance, intimacy, and bliss in their relationships. She is also the author of Men and Intimacy. Real Talk. Real Answers and Black Women and Intimacy – Voices From Across the Diaspora (Spring 2022).

For more details, visit BlackMenandIntimacy.com or order the book from Amazon

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