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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Mom Sentenced to Two Years in Prison After Her Toddler Froze to Death Outside

Tierra Williams, Ohio mom sentenced

Tierra Williams, the Ohio mom sentenced after her daughter died from severe hypothermia

Akron, OH — Tierra Williams, a 23-year old mother from Ohio, has been convicted on child endangerment charges for leaving her 2-year old daughter outside their home in freezing temperatures.

Last week, Judge Alison McCarty sentenced Williams to 18 months in prison and her then-boyfriend and the father of the child, Dariaun Parker, to 2 years after pleading guilty last November to child endangerment.

Williams became emotional while she was being handcuffed and led out from the courtroom.

“That is so f—– up!” Williams yelled.

“Stop, Tierra!” her mother, Angela Williams, yelled back.

“I’m so f—— mad!” she said.

Williams told the police that she left Wynter with Parker for about two hours on February 2018 while she was out with her 4-year-old son. Parker, who apparently had no sleep the night prior, lost track of Wynter when the temperature was about 12 to 19 degrees.

Williams found her daughter, Wynter Parker, not wearing any warm clothing and unconscious outside their apartment. She called 911 and said that her daughter is frozen.

Wynter was rushed to the nearest hospital, where she was pronounced dead from hypothermia.

Moreover, prosecutors said that that certain incident was not the first time police were called to their apartment because of their children being left outside. McCarty was specifically troubled about that.

“We’ve lost a human life and the potential that she would have had — the joy she would have brought to family and friends,” McCarty said. “This is all loss. It is this loss I feel compelled calls for consequences.”