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Friday, April 10, 2020

Black Attorney Launches Online Reality Court TV Show Called “Hood Court” With a Live Jury

Attorney Tiffany M. Simmons, creator of Hood Court

Nationwide — Attorney Tiffany M. Simmons has launched a new online reality court TV show called Hood Court that airs on Instagram Live @theplugslawyer Sunday nights at 11pm EST, Mondays 6pm EST, Tuesdays 9pm EST, and Fridays 6pm EST. Simmons is a real-life attorney based in Atlanta that has an undefeated record of more than 10 years with her cases.

Hood Court, her provocative new reality court TV show, comes in hot with in-your-face, blunt conversation and arguments that don’t care if its lawyers and jurors throw explicatives to win a case. In each episode of Hood Court, viewers can expect to have their legal questions answered live and to serve as the live jury for docketed cases being heard by Judge TIP (Simmons’ bench alias).

Docketed cases in past episodes have included: (1) Should the Florida Pastor who violated a COVID-19 social distancing order be charged with attempted murder? (2) Should ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic receive more jail time for his use of the “n-word”? (3) Should Bill Cosby or R. Kelly be released from jail due to COVID-19 concerns? Unlike traditional court TV shows, Hood Court allows jury members to step up to make arguments for or against any case being mediated by Judge TIP. With this live, interactive format, the show is sure to edu-tain its viewers.

As to why Attorney Simmons is doing this, she says, “As a lawyer, I’m known for my results, honesty, integrity, & always being me! I created Hood Court because people need help getting through problems.” But this isn’t a new idea.

Simmons adds, “I conceived this show years ago, but with everyone home sheltering-in-place and courts being closed, now is the best time to help the hood mediate and navigate their issues.”

To be sure of this, Judge TIP always closes her show with the legal tip of the day.

Join the jury and follow @theplugslawyer on IG Live to watch Judge TIP create order in the court! #hoodcourt

Viewers can visit @theplugslawyer to view the topics on docket for the next episode.


How to be a guest on the show:
To appear as a guest on Hood Court, email tmsrlaw@gmail.com, DM @theplugslawyer, or click the request button when the show is airing live.


About Tiffany M. Simmons
Tiffany Smmons is an attorney, actress, and producer who is a frequent legal trial analyst on television shows such as Dan Abram’s Law & Crime, CourtTV, and CNN’s HLN After Dark. She is the owner and principal attorney of Simmons Law, LLC.

About Simmons Law, LLC
Simmons Law is a civil and criminal litigation firm based in Atlanta, GA. Through her work, Tiffany Simmons protects the rights of marginalized citizens to make sure their voices are heard. She has been undefeated in all trials since 2009. She represents clients in a wide range of areas including criminal defense, civil rights, business, and more. The firm is located at 1201 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30361.


Watch this YouTube video about Tiffany Simmons’ law firm:


Tiffany Simmons

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