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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Author/ Wealth Coach Teaching Others How to Live Like a Millionaire on Any Budget — Says “Financial Success is Not a Gift; It’s a Habit”

Teacherpreneur. Money Magnet. Speaker. Author. Timolin Langin’s holistic and transformational approach to generational wealth-building underscores her workshops, her blogs, and her writings as the author of “Mind Over Money, How to Live Like a Millionaire on Any Budget” and contributing writer to “Hoarders” star, Dorothy Breininger’s book “Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff.”

Timolin Langin Ross

Nationwide — Timolin R. Langin comes from the Mississippi Delta, where sharecroppers, cooks (grandmothers), and cotton fields taught her valuable life lessons about money, including money matters that are often overlooked but yet act as an equal partner with one’s money habits.

She has been interviewed over the years on major TV and radio stations, podcasts, and has even written for a number of popular blogs. However, she still remains a country girl at heart who loves to see working people worldwide prosper. She shares easy to implement, sound, generational wealth building tips on her YouTube channel called “Mind Over Money with Timolin” and her Facebook Live Stream page, her book entitled Mind Over Money, How to Live Like a Millionaire Now and in another of her books bearing a similar title, Mind Over Money How to Live Like a Millionaire on any Budget.

Timolin is now teaching the strategies and techniques that she has personally used to build a multi-million dollar Real Estate portfolio in the second-largest city in the United States for a nominal cost. Her instruction is unique in that she connects the dots between ownership and community development, and brings awareness to the strong role that emotions and feelings play in wealth building and how to process them properly for financial increase and success for generations; all for a nominal fee.

Timolin is available for television/radio interviews, public speaking, and other media relations.

For information on workshops and more, visit her official web site or follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Timolin R. Langin
(805) 870-5034

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