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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Black Entrepreneur Makes History, Expands Radio Station App to Both Atlanta and Los Angeles

Tina Redmond, founder of TRACC Radio

Nationwide — Tina Redmond AKA DJ Chic Chick, the founder of TRACC Radio, a Black-owned radio station app, continues to make history and change up the game. Earlier this year, Tina, who is from Inglewood, California, launched the app with a physical office located in Atlanta. Well, now she is back residing at home in Los Angeles and so is TRACC Radio!

Get ready, tourists, when you visit LA. DJ Chic Chick is bound to have pop-ups with TRACC Radio somewhere throughout the city. Download the app to receive alerts. TRACC Radio will still have DJs & podcasters from all over the world, so those that are interested should apply now. The company’s Atlanta office remains in the Colony Square area for now.

This top 40, west coast flavor station, with a worldwide audience, licensed through BMI, ASCAP & SoundExchange has skyrocketed to the next level for sure, by taking the steps of adding a physical presence in the number two media market in the US. DJ Chic Chick operates TRACC Radio with a strategy of public relations to assist in branding & exposure worldwide for their clients.

Podcasters & DJs sponsor their own slots to market their brands on their own shows & in turn, they receive worldwide advertising exposure. DJ Chic Chick says that the launch had such a great response worldwide, with emails & calls from the media, celebrities, audience members & an array of business opportunities. With TRACC being all about the community & culture, DJ Chic Chick laid low for a moment to focus on the audience & growth of the brand before adding other brands to the platform & taking one on one interviews. She allowed the music which is the foundation, to stand on its own.

TRACC’s website features signature show schedules from DJ Chic Chick’s, CHIC CHICK LIVE & DJ Shawn Juan’s, West Side Slide Mix Show Out. DJ Chic Chick is also launching a docuseries pilot show in August, a great marketing package to give her audience the background of certain people, places & things. This four-week radio documentary will lead to a possible documentary show launched on TRACC TV broadcasted on Roku in the Fall of 2021.

Those interested in this Pandemic Marketing Package should contact the company for more details. TRACC Radio will be having a launch at an intimate VIP venue & virtual event this September in Hollywood, California. Information for this event is to be announced soon so be sure to download the app which is a one-stop-shop app that links you to TRACC Radio, TRACC TV & DJ CHIC CHICK. The app will be sending out updates to VIP events, shows, giveaways, pop-ups in your city & more.

For more details and/or to learn more, visit TraccRadio.com

Also, follow the team on all social media @TraccRadio @TraccTV @Dj_Shawn_Juan & @DjChicChick.

For all inquiries on music submissions, marketing, bookings, or to interview DJ Chic Chick, please visit the website for contact information or for specifics please see contact info below.




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