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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

First Ever Black-Owned Toddler Shoe Line Set to Make Its Debut With Legacy Retailer

Yolandra Rodgers, CEO and Founder of Tippy Tot Shoes

Yolandra Rodgers, CEO and Founder of Tippy Tot Shoes

New York, NYTippy Tot Shoes, founded by Yolandra Rodgers, is famous for its luxury walkers for babies. As the first Black entrepreneur to launch such a shoe line specifically for toddlers, Rodgers will soon be expanding from selling online to selling at major retail stores across the country!

“My inspiration is drawn on the finest shoes for beginner walking toddlers. The foundation that I build today will become a legacy that will last long after me. Our company is growing rapidly while taking the business to higher heights and new-found territory. It’s imperative that we evolve with something greater each year,” said Rodgers, whose eCommerce store is preparing a soft launch of the Walkers Collection in partnership with a legacy retailer (TBA) starting May 15, 2019. The debut of the Collection will kick-off in San Francisco, CA. The store name and locations will be listed on Tippy Tot Shoes website soon.

The launch follows a 2-year span of the brands favorite shoe accessories – Kilties and Leather Hard-Sole Walkers – significantly expanding its collection with a series of classic styles. “Special occasions really drive our brand, whether it’s 1st birthdays, Easter, christenings, weddings or family portraits, we have a broader offering of styles for that,” Rodgers noted. She has had the opportunity to work with many notable individuals from Reality TV stars, New York Fashion Week, Wives of NFL and NBA Players, Social Media Influencers and other countless celebrities under the Fashion Industry and more!

“To extend our Classic Collection, the brand is excited to offer a Vintage Style of Walkers – Saddle Oxfords, Brogue, Mary Janes and Snakeskin textures with a variety of colors unveiling in late Fall. We started out with a few leathers – Ostrich, Crocodile, Lizard, and Eel to test the waters, and it’s been very successful while adding these additional styles by the end of the year,” Rodgers said.

The different categories give Tippy Tot Shoe consumers more stylish options to choose season to season. “Our commitment is to do a phenomenal job at keeping the collection fresh. Tippy Tot Shoes is always exploring a high-end style for toddlers. Baby shoes obviously aren’t relevant to every parent, so putting out casual walkers and accessories – socks and kilties allow us to grow our customer base across different ages and stages that moms enjoy,” explained Rodgers.

Amid the growth, Rodgers is staying firm in her decision – made very early on – to focus primarily on a direct to consumer model, a strategy that’s being embraced by a growing number of shoe brands. “It’s very important for us to know and understand our customers – who they are, how they came to our brand, what they buy – and to own that relationship with them,” she said. “When you sell to wholesale, you’re completely removed from the consumer.”

To deepen the customer engagement, Tippy Tot Shoes has embraced its new social network to reach consumers in both domestic and international markets. “We’re a brand that was born out of Facebook with branches of other social sharing to reach our target audience. This will help to build micro-communities around different customer groups and interests. The smaller the community, the more engaged people are to your brand.”

For more details and/or to make a purchase online, visit www.tippytotshoes.com

Also, follow the brand on social media:

Instagram – @tippy_tot_shoes
Facebook – @TippyTotShoes


Tippy Tot Shoes

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