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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Gentrification Expert and Developer Reveals How to Protect Communities from Corporate Expansion

TJ Loftin, Gentrification Expert

Nationwide — T.J. Loftin is today’s most prolific expert on gentrification and economics. Threatened by gentrification and corporate expansion across the United States, small business owners, and long-time residents are at risk for displacement. T.J. offers updated strategies and solutions with the release of the new edition of his top-selling, Monetizing Gentrification: Building Black Ownership.

A native of Compton, CA, T.J. has always advocated for business and homeownership. He has a long history of identifying and fighting wrongful politics, especially when affecting Black communities.

During the last 15 years, his voice and collaborative efforts range from advocating for residents affected by the Section 8 scandal of Antelope Valley, California, to the mass displacement of the primarily Black communities within urban Los Angeles. Silicon Valley tech companies, Metro, Elon Musk and SpaceX, NFL, Black Rock, and other major corporations swooped into the region monopolizing properties and businesses. A seasoned investor, T.J. identified the agenda to remove business and homeownership, nationally.

T.J. is a well-renowned international business leader, celebrity car builder, and manufacturer, real estate, land development, gentrification expert, speaker, author, and wealth coach. He has been hands-on in building businesses, industries, and communities. Becoming the business advisor to the late ancestor Dr. Sebi (world-renowned herbalist and celebrity holistic healer inspiring the forthcoming documentary by the late Nipsey Hussle and Nick Cannon) would forever impact T.J.’s life. Dr. Sebi redirected T.J. to teach others, globally, how to fight gentrification and to obtain residential and commercial ownership.

T.J. has been an advisor to Compton and Inglewood school districts and to the Homeschooler community. To date, he has toured 24 states, analyzing various states of gentrification within Black communities and its effects on businesses and homeownership. The tour has enabled him to write the ultimate handbook, Monetizing Gentrification: Building Black Ownership. Get your copy today at TJLoftin.com

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For press or speaking engagement inquiries, contact info@tjloftin.com or (310) 619-3954.