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Friday, May 27, 2022

HBCU Grad Turned Capitol Hill Attorney Launches Black-Owned Line of Pearl Accessories to Inspire Women

Tonya Sloans, founder of Power and Pearls Boutique

Nationwide — Tonya Sloans, after having spent 20 years as a legal advisor in the nation’s capital, has used her fashion formula for career success to launch Power and Pearls, an online boutique that gives confidence to women through pearl accessories. Her products inspire women to wear pearls daily to feel powerful, be seen as powerful, and ultimately make power moves.

After realizing that pearls were always a part of her look on every important occasion, Tonya, like so many other accomplished women, adopted Pearl accessories as the iconic fashion accessory she would wear not only to look her best but to remind her of her power to achieve her career goals.

But this fashion trend did not start with Tonya. It is a historic and timeless jewel that is a sign of the high value, worth, and power that women possess. The universal problem is just that women had no place to go for modern Pearl accessories. Spotting pearls in a random shop, thrift stores, or occasionally in department stores was the only opportunity for a woman to snatch a pearl accessory or two. But Tonya, who has a degree in business administration from Xavier University of Louisiana, filled the void in the fashion market by creating an online pearl accessories boutique to make fashion Pearls available to women everywhere with the click of a button.

Tonya comments, “Not only do women need pearl accessories to look good, but they also need Pearls as a constant reminder of their power to prosper.” This was a source of inspiration Tonya needed to propel her career forward after two bouts with ovarian cancer.

She continues, “Health hardships have an overwhelming power to knock a woman off her path towards career accomplishments. But there has to be something that brings to back from it and propels your forward.” Strong faith in God’s healing power and a polished, poised, pearl appearance did it for Tonya, who also graduated from Howard University School of Divinity, as well as the University of Wisconsin and Georgetown University Law Schools.

Recovered from cancer and armored with determination, Tonya landed on Capitol Hill as an ethics attorney advising national leaders. The transformation came to Tonya and in turn, she created Power & Pearls to help other women reach their next level. Her online boutique enables Tonya to send pearls across the country to do the work of career empowerment that is close to her heart.

To learn more, please visit the company’s official website at PowerAndPearlsBoutique.com. Get 10% off all orders for a limited time by joining the email list.

For press inquiries, contact tonya@iampowerwoman.com