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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Black Mom Who Tried to Kill her Son’s Killer Launches Non-Profit to Help Women Heal from Trauma

Tracie McKinney

Nationwde — Tracie McKinney, a mom of four children from the southside of Chicago, once tried to kill the person who murdered her son, but is now the founder of Circles Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps women heal from traumatic situations in their life.

Tracie says that she was completely shocked when she received a life-altering phone call that her 21-year-old son, Dante, had been shot and killed. To make matters worse, she learned that he was killed by someone he knew from the same neighborhood. Even worse, the killer was never charged with murder because he stated he didn’t mean to shoot her son, but soon after, he began to boast on how he had gotten away with murder.

Tracie comments, “I could not believe that he had committed first degree murder as well as several other crimes after my son’s murder, and he had gotten away with all the criminal offenses.”

Naturally, this became unbearable for Tracie and her family, and it began to interfere with her overall mental health. Tracie soon decided that it was time to take matters into her own hands, and relentlessly began hunting her son’s killer daily, deciding that she would cause him to meet the same fate as her son.

However, after several attempts of trying to carry out the murder, it became intolerable and unendurable. She knew life could not continue this way, as her daughters needed their mother but mentally, she was not available, nor did she have the capacity to be there for her children.

She comments, “It was scary how quickly my mind shifted from a spirit of praise and worship to a spirit of murder, and it literally consumed my life. It had a stronghold on me for several years, but then came deliverance and I fully submitted to God.”

She later decided to relocate to the small town of St. Robert, Missouri and began her journey of healing and forgiveness. Tracie says that she didn’t understand why God sent her to Missouri with no family and friends, but she refers to it as her wilderness season, and now understands why the move was necessary.

Nowadays, Tracie is helping other women to become free from suppressed trauma via her organization, Circles Foundation. She is also the founder of Colorism No More and has become a Certified Life Coach. She has also launched a company called DLM Legendary, created a podcast called “She Found Her,” and has become a bestselling published author of a book entitled Rewritten, I am Free, No Longer Bound. Her book, available on Amazon, shares her truth of heartbreak and redemption.

Tracie comments, “I don’t take it lightly how God has saved me from what could have been my demise. He redeemed me, renewed me, and transformed my life, I have been rewritten, and given another chance.”

She is also releasing her second book this coming fall entitled The Beauty of the Woman Within which will also be available on Amazon, as well as Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble and more.

On September 22-23, she will be hosting a women’s conference called “She Found Her: A Healed and Whole Soul” in Sauk Village, Illinois. For more information about the event and/or to purchase tickets, visit TracieMckinney.com

For press inquiries, media interview requests or sponsorship opportunities, send an email to info@traciemckinney.com

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