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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Renowned Celebrity Photographer Recreates Iconic Social and Racial Justice Leaders With Young Black and Brown Boys and Girls

Tricia Messeroux, photographer and founder of Toddlewood

New York, NY — Tricia Messeroux, creator of Toddlewood, a highly celebrated photography project, which has been featured by A-list media like Access Hollywood, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, The Tamron Hall Show, and the Huffington Post – just to name a few – is taking on a new challenge to contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement with kids ages 7-12 years old.

For the past ten years, Tricia and Toddlewood have been recreating images of Hollywood royalty, red carpet moments, movie posters, and notable moments in time. This time, as the nation focuses on advocating for social and racial justice, the creator of Toddlewood has shifted her attention away from the red carpet limelight in order to get involved in BLM in the best way she and Toddlewood know how – through a unique, creative, photographic campaign featuring Black and brown kids.

This summer, Team Toddlewood, led by photographer, Tricia Messeroux, is in full production of the “Toddlewood Engineers of Equality Project” that will recreate, with a few lucky children, over 40 iconic images of social justice heroes and sheroes both past and present. Such notables will include Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the late and great John Lewis, Angela Davis, Nina Simone, Ava Duvernay, Shaun King, Kendrick Lamar, Nelson Mandela, and more. Each child who will portray these racial and social justice icons has been meticulously chosen from over 3000 photo submissions by moms and dads from all over the United States. The chosen few are traveling to the New York Toddlewood Studios from as close as Brooklyn to as far as Texas and Los Angeles, California. Moms and dads have been supportive of the positive and fun-filled experience Toddlewood brings their kids every year during award season. This project, so appropriately called “Toddlewood Engineers of Equality Project” is a not only a passion project with relevance to the Black Lives Matter movement towards achieving equality for Black Americans; it is also an inspirational, educational and motivating art piece that will contribute to this important moment in the nation’s history.

The “Toddlewood Engineers of Equality Project” will include not only photographs but also behind the scenes video from Tricia and her team of videographers. Each video will be showcased on multiple streaming platforms for optimal exposure. These powerful videos will be edited with images, clips, music, and past speeches of the featured social justice leaders. The project is set to be completed by mid-September 2020 with an in-person, media, and virtual unveiling.

Speaking about this unique project, Tricia offered the following: “I’ve been recreating such fun and glamorous images with kids for such a long time. It always gives me chills to see the smiling faces of the children who get to be treated like Hollywood royalty for a day and then witness their excitement and pride when they are celebrated in the media for our projects. I believe the Toddlewood Engineers of Equality Project will be by far one of my most impactful pieces of work. As a wife of a Black man, a mom of Black daughters and a Black entrepreneur who has witnessed the painful and dispiriting effects of racial discrimination in my own life, I am excited about this opportunity to teach, uplift and inspire our future change-makers and our communities at large, which is why I’ve chosen ‘Visually Empowering Future Change Makers’ as my tagline line for this project.”

For more information, please visit www.Toddlewood.com


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