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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Couple Opens Online Store With Over 170 Black-Owned Products From Over 58 Businesses

Troy and Aurora Nkrumah Dixon, founder The Necessities Company

Nationwide — Meet Troy and Aurora Nkrumah Dixon, the owners of The Necessities Company, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based storefront and online platform that sells more than 170 products from Black-owned businesses around the world. Some of the products that they sell include fresh produce, laundry detergent, toothbrushes, batteries, light bulbs, and more.

Many people want to support Black-owned, community-focused businesses, and The Necessities Company has stepped up to help make that much more simple with their new online store.

The hard truth is that most Black dollars don’t get spent in the Black community or on products made by Black people. One of the reasons many people give when asked why they play a part in this problem is that finding Black made and owned problems can be too much of a challenge. In exciting news, this has just become much easier.

When an order is placed with The Necessities Company, none of the products are drop shipped. All of the high-quality products are stocked and stored on hand by the company, ready to ship. Same-day delivery service is available in the Charlotte area. Freshly picked produce from a North Carolina Black-owned farm is also offered by the store.

“Ditch the BIG brands, buy black PERIOD,” says Aurora. “This is more than supporting an individual. It’s about supporting a movement, and a legacy. Black people are the biggest consumers in the world and it’s time we spent our money in our own community, building a better future for all of us.”

Some of the more popular products available from The Necessities Company include fresh produce, laundry detergent, toothbrushes, batteries, light bulbs, and much more. To ensure quality and customer confidence, the store tests all products before adding them to the online store. This dedication to quality has won The Necessities Company praise.

What their customers are saying:

“I LOVE this company! It gives me the opportunity to support so many Black-owned businesses at once. And the fact that they hand-deliver locally is awesome! I’ve purchased at least 3 times from them for different things and each time I got some kind of bonus/extra. I am so happy this exists and will continue to be a loyal customer and spread the word!” — Karen L.

“I love this company and the owner. The toothbrushes are my favorite just tried the chapstick and the shae butter for your hair. Keep up the great work.” — Toni M.

For more information and/or to make a purchase, be sure to visit TheNecessitiesCompany.com

For press inquiries, contact hello@thenecessitiescompany.com or (704) 565-3225.