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Monday, February 24, 2020

Black Author Reveals the Hidden Answers to Meaningful Intimacy That Every Couple Needs to Know About

Atlanta Researcher, Troya Bishop, Pens a Savvy Guide to Help Adults Have Deeper Intimate Connections

Troya Bishop, author of Answers to Intimacy

Atlanta, GA  – Married? Single? It’s complicated? Are you tired of drama and ready to have a beautiful relationship?

In the book, The Answers: Why Men NEED Oral Sex and Women NEED to Talk, adults receive tools to help them have more meaningful connections with people they love. The author, Troya Bishop, is an educator, a well-known activist in Atlanta and the Executive Director for Parental Empowerment Institute (PEI). Troya explains that as an advocate for parents and an educator, she is often asked questions about how to keep relationships together.

She compiled feedback from other books she published, along with new research on relationships, and this new book/workbook was born. This project helps single and married people understand the physical, psychological and the physiological needs behind what often causes conflict in relationships: sex and communication.

The Answers to Intimacy is rooted in peer-reviewed research and feedback Troya received from her first two books – The Answers: A Parent’s Guide to Discussing Racism with Children and The Answers: Discussing and Defeating Racism in America. Troya explains, “I had no idea when I wrote the first books, that conducting workshops, speaking on radio shows, and hosting discussion sessions on social media would lead me to connect the dots between racism, oppression and sexual expression. But that is exactly what happened.”

This doctoral candidate also confesses that completing the research and writing this book forced her to grow and examine her relationships. Troya shares, “The first few chapters were painful to write and to work through. I cried often during the research process and this project kept me up at night. I had to consider the areas where my relationships needed to grow to survive. I had forgotten about some pain, and never acknowledged a lot of other pain in my family and lineage. Being authentic in this process forced me to work through it all.”

So why do men need oral sex and women need to talk? Read the book and invite her on your show, to find out.

Troya has also developed a workshop for the book and workbook, and is available for live presentations, radio interviews and television interviews. She has made appearances on several talk-radio shows (WAOK, WAEC, WYZE, WATB) in Atlanta, and is making her way to cities across America. She is excited about traveling and engaging in conversation to explain her research.

The book can be purchased on Amazon or TheAnswerstoRacism.com

Follow the book on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheAnswersToIntimacy/


About Troya Bishop
Troya was recently featured in SWAG HER Magazine (https://swagher.net/tag/the-answers-to-intimacy-why-men-need-oral-sex-and-women-need-to-talk/) Many people also know Troya from serving as a Leadership Commissioner (2010-2012) in Rev. Al Sharpton’s Atlanta office of National Action Network (2009-2012). She is continuing to develop her leadership and advocacy skills as she earns her Doctorate of Education in Adult Education from Walden University.


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